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DLE Razorbacks Midseason S4
Welcome to the Coliseum. The home of the Razorbacks. From the media we have Rotenbach Gazette(RG), Wissenland Post(WP), and Cabal Vision.
Headcoach Johnson DeVille is flanked by Vann Bartholomeu and Brass Van Houten.

The room is not filled with exitement. The team is looking at a mediocre season, that can end with almost anything right now. DeVille stands up, reconising the fans in the room, not making as much noise as they usually do. They wait in anticipation, of what will be said.

DeVille: Welcome everybody. In times like this we must stand together as a team and show what we are made of. We have played a bit below par in the first 9 rounds. We started out with a great win against the Bandits, and then we lost a draw to a Universe team we had in the ropes, but stupid playcalling from my assistant lost us a draw late in the game. He is no longer with us. The pigs got a surprice meal as some would say...

erhm. Well Bring those questions!

WP: What is your plan for the rest of the season? Playoff seems like a lost chase allready.

DeVille: I'm not ready to abandon the playoff just yet, but we need a good run in the 2nd half of the season. We can't do it ourselves this year. We must rely on Those unspecified swords to lose some games, and then hope the 49'ers new owner doesn't know the strenght of his new team, so he will lose a couple of games. And we must win all 3 divisional games to stand a chance. Though odds, but it can be done.

RG: Why did you sell Frank Ozmund? Finally a local boy can rise to the stars, with our own team, and you sell him??

DeVille: Yes. The sale of Ozmund prior to game 8 caused some unrest on the team. and the results was a draw and a loss. The team has gotten nervous. Who will be next? I can tell you now and here, that there has been feelers on both Taylor and Vann, all have been rejected. We do not sell anymore players for the rest of season. In fact, we back out of the trading marked, for the rest of this regular season. The team needs to be sure that they have a future with us and we need to have a calm and focused lockerroom.

RG: Rumour has it, that you couldn't implement the obvious skills that Ozmund brought to the team! Is new leadership needed with the razorbacks?

DeVille jumps up and is about to punch the journalist, and the face, but is held back by Vann, and Brass is trying to stop Vann! The fans go wild! Finally Brass is showing something. DeVille breaks free, and the fans cheer him up, but all of a sudden DeVille stops, and looks to the big entrance door in the back of the room. There is Owner SpecialOne. But who is that with him?

The room goes silent as SpecialOne(SO) takes the podium.

SO: I bring you Arthur Haldenhoff! You wanted a local man. Here is your new Offensive coordinator. In his active days his was very good at getting the offence together, and get his teammates in position for some TDs. We can't keep making only one TD pr game. This must change now!

You want local? Here is your new QB. A local boy I found on a farm outside the town. He was throwing big chickings more than 50 metres through a hoop. Just for fun. Will we see our passing revitalized once this young fellow learns the ropes of the league. The raw talent is there. No doubt. Here is Cor Leyden!

The fans feel a new era is comming to Razorbacks, and greets the new QB welcome by singing his name. A new leader for the team and the fans to believe in.

RG: SpecialOne, now that you are here. Are you pushing for the playoff?

SO: No we are not. We must focus on rebuilding our franchise. We have a lot raw talent running around, and we must develop them first. We can still win a couple of games, but no playoff for us this season.

Vann: I with SO here. We are not stong enough to compete as it is. Brass is learning the Van Kassel way but it takes time to perfect the foul. Taylor and I can't pull all the weight. We must get help from the team. Next season my friends. Next season we get them all!

DeVille is finally so calm he can focus on the questions again, but his mind is running in the fast track...

DeVille: It is right. I could not find the right use for Ozmund, so I sold him for a future 1st pick, and I got our own 4th pick back this season. Now we have 5 picks this draft. We can use them, and we will. I am allready making plans for the draft.

WP: So what is the goal for the rest of the season? 7 games with no purpose will kill the team motivation.

DeVille: Development of players, protecting our stars, and most of all. Beat those silly little birds from our division!

And that concludes the pressconference. As everybody leaves the coliseumpressroom, DeVille once again walks around the room, thinking. Why did SO bring in an assistant coach? Is DeVille about to lose his job, if he doesn't get a win in the next game, and he doesn't even know who he is facing? Haldenhoff would be the popular one to chose. But DeVille gave the team a surpricing playoff last season, is that allready water under the bridge?

We play to foul!
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Posted by asteflix on 2017-09-11 15:52:48
*Hits snooze* Wake me again when the pigs are a legitimate threat , please. ;)
Posted by spelledaren on 2017-09-11 17:34:51
Great stuff.