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2012-03-09 11:24:06
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2016-07-08 19:34:05
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Almost time for the DLE debut!
As the draft has ended, and the schedule for the season being put together as we speak, it is time to evaluate on the draft, and the prospects of the season as a whole.

The draft ended like this:

  1. 1st pick. #13 Brandon Taylor. Blitzer. MB/Tackle/PO
  2. 2nd pick. #39 Casey Hayward. Catcher. +AV/Block/Tackle/Shadowing
  3. 3rd pick. #94 Jeff Feagles. Lineman. Wrestle/Jump Up
  4. 4th pick. #107 Danny Trevathan. Blitzer. Dauntless/Pro/Jump Up
  5. 5th pick. #130 Justin Ellis. Ogre. Standfirm/Guard

At the pressconference is Owner SpecialOne, Headcoach Johnson DeVille and 1st pick Blitzer Brandon Taylor.

Reporter 1: Are you happy with your draft this year?

DeVille: All together a good group and different skills. Especially 2 guys with jump up can be hard for the opponent to handle. To get an Ogre with these 2 skills as the 3rd last pick in the whole draft was incredible, and we did get our "killer" as our first pick. We missed out on +ST and guardplayers, and that will be our priority in the draft next season.

Reporter 2: Brandon. How do yo feel being called a "Killer"?

Taylor: I'm happy with that title, and I really look forward to get my hands on those squashy catcher of the other teams. Only problem is to get near them! Those dodgy bastards!

Reporter 2: but you are an excellent tackler, are you not?

Taylor: Uh. Oh yes. Didn't think of it like that. But I'm ready!

Reporter 1: How did you manage to get 5 picks in a 4 picks draft?

SpecialOne: Our Headcoach is an amazing man who can get home some very valuable trades. In the DLE you can trade draftpicks all season, and even under the draft you can trade players just drafted! But DeVille managed to get us one extra pick this year, AND we have 2 1st round picks in our 4 picks next season. We made some good bargains during the draft, but we will not trade any picks during the season.

Reporter 1: Speaking of the season. What do you expect?

DeVille: To enter the playoffs would be a dream come true, but our squad doesn't have the deabts needed to be bringing the heat all season, so I expect us to...

(Martin Von Rijn enters the room smashing in the doors!)
Von Rijn: Why am I not the one sitting here! I should be the star of this team.

(He heads directly towards DeVille swinging a big club he found outside)

Von Rijn continues: I'm the star! And I want us in the playoffs! I didn't sign up for this and then don't have any real ambitions for the team. What a headcoach you are!!!

(Several guards trys to stop Von Rijn, but invain, so Taylor uses his speed and gives Von Rijn a Mighty Blow to the head, and sacks his own teamcaptain to the floor)

DeVille: Martin! You are SO off the team for the first match!!!

(Both SpecialOne and Taylor looks at eachother, after Taylor got up, and without a word they take Von Rijn out of the room)

Reporter 1: Is Von Rijn off the team? He is your leader and Captain!

DeVille(mumbling): Well, maybe, just maybe he will start anyway. But only because Rich Gannon is too much of a rookie still. Otherwise he would be off the team.

DeVille rounds off: So we are aiming for a place midtable as there are some great teams in the league and we Look foreward to our very debut meeting division rivals Remas Eagles. It will be a blast, and it will surely tell us where we are heading this season!

(DeVille exits quitly, and maybe CableVision will be here next time, as thing goes on in this fine club)

Rotenbach Razorbacks. "We play to foul".

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Posted by Kaiowas on 2016-07-08 19:37:49
Razorbacks... Oink oink I like bacon
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-07-08 21:09:51
Ah, the scimitars are looking to stir up a rivalry. Lets see who gets the piggybagride when we meet in the division. ;)
Posted by Arcayn on 2016-07-08 21:43:02
Eagles enjoy Pork too!!!