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DLE Razorbacks start season4
Welcome to "the pit" and the kickoff pressconference for season4 in the DLE. With us today are Wissenland Post(WP), Rotenbach Gazette(RG), CabalVision, and DLE news. No players are present today, only franchiseowner SpecialOne and headcoach DeVille.

Owner SpecialOne takes the floor, and starts out:

Welcome everybody! We are here to kick off the new season. We will talk about the draft, our chances in the league, and some tactics with this new squad.

We ended in top 8 last season losing the divisional round to the later winners from Flashfurt Universe. We can be very proud. This new season was supposed to be our push season reaching for glory, but we look at a draft gone semi bad, and some very strong opponents in our division, so our goal for the season will be in the hunt for wildcardplaces. At least have a shot at something in round 15-16.

RG interrupts: Why not pushing it as planed?

SpecialOne: Well. To be honest. DeVille had a plan for the draft. I interrupted him while he was picking in round 1, so I made him pick the wrong ogre. Not a smart move from me. Maybe I learned to stay out the drafting business. That is not for amateurs like myself.

DLE: Picked the wrong Ogre? What are you doing to your team morale right now?

SpecialOne: lets be honest. This Larry Warford must perform in order to stay in the team. I want him to really shine. He is one of the new stars on this team. He must live up to his tag as a 1st roundpick, or he will be on the chopping block after the season. How is that for motivation!

WP: What went wrong in the draft?

DeVille: We made some calculating mistakes and overdrafted the Ogre, that move made us miss out on other positions down through the rounds. After that pick we were struggling the rest of the way. We missed out on the 1st class catchers, and the 3 new catchers to support Von Rijn in his passing game are all secondary guys. Some have potential to be great DLE players, other will get sour duties like manmarking. We are very happy with our linemendraft and blitzerdraft. But lots of pressure on Vann this season to keep us a float. Enough of this silly draft business.

DLE: ok, ok. How are your chances in the league, now with this bad draft?

SpecialOne: In the board we talked it over. Also consulting with DeVille on what he sees in our current crop of players. We are 4th lowest team in TW this season, so expectations are low. We are in a fierce division, and we must win our divisional games as we probably will be trailing after the 2 first rounds that is strength of schedule games where we meet to other divisional winners from last season. However. Our great headcoach has made some new special plays for us so the playbook fits the new players. DeVille, would you please?

DeVille step up. very proud of himself: I have made a new defensive lineup, as we lost both Heyward and Rice, our two defensive catchers, late last season. And in the draft only got covered half of one of them. So on defence, I am working on an asymmetric defence. That is all I'm giving you now. On offense we now have an asset in our grabbing Ogre, and we will see new plays in order to foul better.

RG: Foul better? How about winning the games?

DeVille: We play to foul! Remember? yes, we lost Van Kassel in a brutal way, but we now got Van Houten. He ended last season the some first class fouling. If we can take out the enemy from the pitch, we can score more easy TD! BloodBowl is not that hard really. Get the man advantage, you stand better to win the game!

WP: none of your players are here tonight. Not even the new hope Corey Fuller. How so?

DeVille: The new players are learning the playbook, and the old Razors are learning the new tricks. The season is close to start, so we need to be ready!

RG: You face Averheim River Bandits in the first game. How are your chances there?

DeVille: We have a chance, but this is a great side. I would give us a 40-60 chance to get points off this game. Bandits lost the SuperBowl in season 2. This is not a team to take lightly, I mind you.

This concludes the preseason pressconference from Rotenbach Razorbacks. Hope you had an inspiring read.

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Posted by Kaiowas on 2017-07-05 08:22:13
KFCS strong! Or at least until we take each other out
Posted by neubau on 2017-07-05 10:24:10
hell yea! KFCS strong!
Posted by bghandras on 2017-07-05 14:49:50
Patriots decline the notion that their new fouling philosophy was inspired by the new Razorbacks playbook.
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-07-05 15:00:06
#stolenPlaybook #EvilEmpire #WePlayToFoul