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2017-12-13 11:21:11
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DLE Playoffpredictions.
With Razorbacks not making the playoff, the local news turns to the league for exitement, and the local reporter Robbert Graaf of the Rotenbach Gazette brings his view on the playoff.

We go by the whole league round by round.

In the wildcardweekend we have these matchups:

Flashfurt Universe(3rd) vs Hargendorf Unicorns(6th)
Nuln Gunners (4th) vs Wolfsbach Scimitars (5th)

Grenzburg Greenskins (3rd) vs Kemperbad Knights (6th) - One To Watch!
Kislev White Wolves (4th) vs Irrana Avalanche (5th)

First we look at KFC:

Universe and Unicorns are from the same division, so they play eachother twice every season in regular season. Their previous 2 seasons gave 4 victories(3-1, 2-0, 2-1, 2-0) to Universe, so this looks like a game where Universe are big favorites to move on. Also Will Clarke of the universe is shared top killer this season will be playing, and will probably be a differencemaker, as he has been all season. If Unicorns are to get a chance here players like blitzer Tom Rathman and Ogre Matt Kalil must bring their a-game. Especially Matt kalil will be exiting to follow as he just got Pro skill to help him do better in the games.
Universe win.

Gunners and Scimitars have never met with the current owners, and this looks to be a very close game. Scimitars have made a big deal out of putting all pressure on Gunners by giving them the role as favorite. However, I'm not so sure. But current form from the 2 teams suggest Gunners to win as they had a good run in 2nd half of the season with a 4/3/0 record, where Scimitars went 2/2/3. So with the current form in mind Gunners will take this one, by a close margin. And we must not forget Gunners latest victory where they completely wrecked the wreckers 4-0. We talk about wreckers later on. Gunners big star is Cortez Allen and if he plays his best, then the Scimitars players must watch out. This fellow can hurt you. Scimitars are not without stars, and they bring killer blitzer Neville Hewitt to the game. This game can be decided by what killer kills most. Also it will be exiting to see if Scimitars will bring their starcatchers to the game, or they will be benched.
Gunners win.

Moving on to SHC:

Greenskins and Knights will face off here, and both teams got some +ST players, so this will be a big brawl in the middel of the field, where positioning will be crusial. When we look at current form The Greenskins come from a 2nd half of the season with ok results and a 2/5/0 record, where the Knights bring a 2/2/3 record, and not in good form. Actually the Knights was written off by many for this playoff, but sneaked in on 6th place anyway. Gonna be exiting to see what the former champions can make of this playoff run. They sure know what it takes to be the champions. Speaking for Greenskins is that they bring the top Goalgetter from regular season with 19 TD in 16 games. We also look at no. 1 and no. 3 in most blocks made this season, go killing will be on, as both team likes to get up close and personal. This game will come down to the wire, but I go with a surprice win for the Knights.
Knights win.

White Wolves and Avalanche makes out for the last game of the wildcardround analysys. Both teams brings some fierce players and White Wolves was the team with most passing yards from the regular season, so we will expect them to come out with balls high(so to say). White Wolves brings a true beast in blitzer Fletcher Cox with ST5/Tackle/MB, a true gamechanger, and players like this should be in the playoff every year, where the best of the best must shine. And to round off the White Wolves they also have top passer of the league Drew Bledsoe on the roster. Avalance on the other side of the ball, got a star in blitzer Bruce Irvin and lineman Fletcher Cox. (we don't like players of the same name in this league!) So will Cox kill Cox in this game? Avalanche Cox got a nice 10 cas in 39 games and he doesn't even pack a blow that is mighty. Well. Irvin is flanked by a couple of very strong linemen as support. Team record for White Wolves 2nd half is 4/3/0 and Avalance is 4/1/2, but I think Fletcher Cox from White Wolves will bring the game home.
White Wolves win

Soon I will bring my view on the Divisional round also. This is where the 4 top seeded teams join the playoff party.
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Posted by horekim on 2017-12-13 11:39:40
Nice write up, Steen. Hard to disagree with your predictions
Posted by CroixFer on 2017-12-13 11:47:46
I place my bet on my divisional champ!. Go Greenzkinz!
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-12-13 12:33:21
Defy the self-styled prophets, Mr. Grumpy and the Scimitars for the win!
Posted by c9805222 on 2017-12-13 13:36:20
KFC East getting behind the Gunners and Cortez Allen to make the difference.
Posted by Doofr on 2017-12-13 14:11:41
Yup the plan is to kill the "false" Fletcher Cox . :o
Posted by neubau on 2017-12-13 15:00:26
no love for the butterknives? lets go kfcs
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-12-13 16:30:12
It looks like Scimitars got their own fanbase. They doesn't need me in their ranks, do they? :)

Mind you, this is just what I think will happen, and it doesn't mean I don't support Kaiowas. I got Gunners 2nd rounder, so go Scimitars!!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-12-13 20:13:35