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Season 3 Draft and expectations - Razorbacks
The draft for season 3 in DLE is over. It took only 11 days for 32 teams to complete 136 picks. Impressive!

But we turn our heads to "the Pit" and the pressconference at Rotenbach Razorbacks. With us today is Franchise owner SpecialOne, and 1st round pick Senio Kelemete. Wissenland Post (WP) and Rotenbach Gazette (RG) is also present.

SpecialOne: Welcome everybody. First of all I would like to tell you all about our thoughts on the draft. We came in with only 3 picks. 1st rounder and 2 very late picks. Thats because we have backloaded for season 4 draft, where we see a huge potential. This year we draftet:

  1. 1st round pick (#16 overall): Senio Kelemete. Lineman (block/guard)
  2. 3rd round compensation pick (# 98 overall): Austin Davis. Thrower (Safe Throw/Accurate/Kickoff Return)
  3. 4th round pick (# 122 overall): Jonathan Martin. Ogre (Guard/Pro/Juggernaut)

Words on the steet is that we overdrafted Senio, but we needed some quality with our linemen, and Senio can be a both offensive and defensive supportplayer. We have great use for a guy like him.

SpecialOne gives the word to Senio.

Senio: First of all I'm very happy to be picked in the first round, earlier than expected. And by such a fine team as this. Personally I hope for the team to do great, and I will do my outmost for the team. Even die!

WP: Well.(not really notising Senios remarks) Most interesting thing is. Where is Johnson DeVille?

SpecialOne: He is out travelling the empire for more sponsors. We have something big in the pipeline for you guys to write about. Be sure of it.

with a smirk on his face, he picks the next reporter

RG: Why pick a new ogre, as you had a guard/Standfirm Ogre allready?

SpecialOne: It was a tough call. Justin Ellis did ok for us. Never injured, and always on the pitch, but with 66 block and only 3 cas in a season. That is too weak for a player in this position, so we went hardline on it, and picked Martin. He will add new features to the team, and we will see a more agressive style of play from the Razorbacks Ogre this coming season. With the Pro Skill, we hope for a bit more stability from our Ogre, as the Pro skill can help him not soak up the team RR's.

RG: What can we expect from Razorbacks this season? Will you reach the playoffs?

SpecialOne: Actually we don't count on the playoffs. As we backloaded in the draft, we come out a bit weaker than many other teams, but we did improve on some positions. This season we want to see where the local talent can bring us. We hope players like Von Rijn, Haldenhoff and Tim Brown will show their potential and add to their skills so we can get a clear picture for our very important for season 4.

WP: You talk as season 3 doesn't exist! Why?

SpecialOne: Because we don't really have any expectations. Sure playoff would be nice, but that is our long term aim for season 4. Season 3 we will develop own crop of players, and if they fail, or die out there we have the muscle to do something about it. But. This season we ended 6/3/5, and with 2 more games added for the season, we would love to go 7/4/5. But that will be a tough goal this season.

With this the pressconference ends. We will be back during the season with updates on the team.


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