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Razorbacks reaches season goal and then some.
Again we welcome you all to a pressconference from Rotenbach Coliseum, and the Rotenbach Razorbacks.

With us today we have Headcoach Johnson DeVille, and playmaker Jerry Rice. The 2 usual reporters are also here, from Wissenland Post and Rotenbach Gazette.

Headcoach DeVille starts the pressconference by nochelant announce that Rotenbach Razorbacks have reached the season goal of winning 4 games out of 14, but not just that. We now have 5 wins in 10 games.

WP: So DeVille. What is your next goal for the team?

DeVille: My personal goal has been the playoffs all season, and it still is!

WP: Isn't that a long strech as you are behind both in your division and in the Wildcard race of the Conference*?

DeVille: It is. But I want to push this squad of players to the limit. If we win the last 4 games, we are not even sure to get there, as we have met division rivals Wolfsbach Scimitars both times this season. They are only 1 win ahead of us, and we have about the same strenght of schedule ahead of us.

RG: Jerry. You scored 2 TD's last game. You have been playing some decent football, can you keep it up?

Jerry Rice: First I would like to thank my teammates for this. Especially Jeff Feagles for his brilliant wrestle move so I could snatch the ball for a nice 3-1 win. And Bastian for his...

DeVille interrupts loudly

DeVille: Von Rijn didn't do a thing that game! He was as useless as his brother was. Useless! The real star was Jerry, all along!

WP: DeVille, why do you talk your players down?

DeVille: Because he was sh*t, and he needs to know that! Everybody does!

Jerry Rice get up and slams a spiked ball right in front of DeVille, and marches out the door.

RP: Are you loosing your players support, in this crusial hour of the season? You have divisional rivals San Luis 49'ers next. Can you handle them?

DeVille: You will see. I will bring this team to the playoff.

With these words, the pressconference ends.

The two reporters talk quitely in the back ally of the stadium, wondering what is happening behind the scenes of Razorbacks. Why wasn't Owner SpecialOne there to control DeVille. He is always at the pressconferences. Did he want his HeadCoach to loose it publicly?

A voice in the dark calls quietly out for the two reporters... They turn to see who it is, but it's too dark, and the voice says:
Stay where you are. I have some real news for you, if you dare search the dungoen underneath the Coliseum, you will find interesting clues, of the whereabouts of Martin Von Rijn, and what happen to him...

Before the reporters can say or do anything, the mysterious figure is gone, and they are left to themselves in the ally.

*A special thanks to Wreckage for making this nice table for the league to enjoy!
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Posted by bghandras on 2016-10-20 22:07:45
Okay. In the dungeon. Left some dead ends. Found a skeletons parts and a spiked ball. Now what?
Posted by akaRenton on 2016-10-20 22:10:49
Good stuff dude, keep it coming :D
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-10-20 22:23:25
Mostly I hope to bring the DLE out in the open on fummbl, so coaches can see how much fun and coolness this league is, if you like NFL style Bloodbowl!