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2017-03-03 21:42:12
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Razorbacks in good form, or?
Once again Welcome to the Coliseum, homefield of the Razorbacks in the DLE.

With us today is Owner SpecialOne, Headcoach Johnson DeVille, and up and coming star catcher Tim Brown. From the press we are proud to present for the second time running CabalVision, who makes sure fans all over the empire can follow the great league, and our usual reporters from Wissenland Post(WP) and Rotenbach Gazette(RG), and the esteemed media DLE News(DLE) is also here for the first time.

Owner SpecialOne takes the floor: Welcome everybody, also the big turnout of fans I count atleast 20 of you! This club looks to be getting places. So with no further delay, I bring you Headcoach Johnson DeVille.

Very confident, DeVille steps up.
DeVille: Well. Midseason. I'm happy to see you all. And we are where we should be. At the top of the division*! We are 1 of 2 teams undefeated this season so far. How about that! We have made atleast 1 TD in all our games, and most importantly! We top the fouling chart for 1 player after 7 rounds. We are comple...

Suddenly the soundsystem goes off. SpecialOne pulls DeVille aside, and tells him to start to take questions, instead of bragging like that, and be humble about the team performance. DeVille comes back to the podium, and and the questions start

DLE: You won the first 3 games, then you had 4 draws. Is this really a good run?

DeVille: Well, to be fair. We were extremely lucky to pull off our latest 2 draws. First our backup QB Austin Davis made a silly dicision in open play, but luckily the Eagles didn't capitalize on it. Maybe a coaching staff error, as Davis was mainly drafted for the specialteams. He proved he belonged there in that game. Against My little Pony we did calculate a loss, as Eagles beat us up hard, and two of our blitzers was out. Luck was with us in turn 16 we pulled off a OTTD and made the draw.

RG: Tim. Tell us about your games vs the ponys!

Tim Brown: For the first time in my career I maganed to get 2 TD, and one was nothing less than spectacular. I could see the defence was not ready for my speed, so we snapped the ball quickly, and I got a small headstart on that move. That gave me the OTTD. A good team effort at the right time. I'm very happy to go from special teams to the offence setup for this game. I prove myself, and coach will have a hard time to decide between us next game.

WP: How do you see your next games?

DeVille: It will be walk in the park. Both teams are weak on several positions right now, and we will...

SpecialOne takes over!

SpecialOne: We have had problems with both teams last season. We won and lost 1 game against both teams. We have our blitzers back from injury, and that helps. Besides San Luis 49ers miss their star catcher Alshon Jeffery against us. We come to this game as favorites, but in a divisional brawl as these 2 next games are. Anything can happen. We will be ready to fight it out.

One thing is sure. The next 2 games sets a direction for our season. 2 wins, and all looks very good. 2 losses, and the division is wide open again.

WP: Rumour has it you have moved you DLE7 team to Rotenbach?

SpecialOne: That is true. A new season in the DLE7 is about to start in a few weeks, so this was the right time for the transfer of the team. Besides the Razorbacks is doing good, and just see how many people show up for our pressconferences now. We are moving the DLE7s team to make a BloodBowl center right here in Rotenbach, where we aim to get all the best talent we can find, and send on into the DLE. Lets make players for the whole league! But be sure. The best playerpotential will go directly to Razorbacks without ever entering the DLE7. just look at Tim Brown here. A local guy, now a DLE star, right here in Rotenbach!

Specialone leaves the podium with standing applause from the fans.

This concludes the pressconference, and the fans leave the Coliseum full of expectation for the next games, and very happy with the meet and greed with the big local star, Tim Brown, from the last game.

Next game is against San Luis 49ers in the division. Game is played live on CabalVison primetime saturday 4/3, at 22.00 servertime. Be there and experience the DLE in full pixel motion!


*Thanks to wreckage for making this awesome table for the league!
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Posted by Kaiowas on 2017-03-03 22:05:57
then we meet again in last fixture before midseason break.... i predict a different outcome with my current form!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-03-04 11:51:55
Different outcome sounds good to me!! ;)
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-03-04 22:18:46
game moved to monday at 20.00 servertime. Not good enough for primetime on CabalVision