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 Issue 2 - November 16, 2503
Admin Corner
by Christer
Informing you of the work behind the scenes on the Web site.
How to create a new roster
by m0nty
Dos and don'ts about dreaming up new Blood Bowl races.
FUMBBL Match of the Week
by the NBC Commentators
An epic tragedy played out in a rookie match between orcs and halflings.
Vocal Population
by Cederlund
FUMBBL personalities talk about their mummies.
Grum's Grudging Grumbles
by Uncle Grum
Words of wisdom and astute advice.
Group/Tournament Reports
Tourney Round Up

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How to contribute

GLN studies the art of fouling.
News & Views
Tales From the Locker Room Chapter 1
by Gorritakid
The Sad and True Tale of BLOODKILLERMACHO
Investigative journalism special
by The Eye
Cult of Kuffarooh revealed
Under the Bowl
by m0nty
GLN meets the real villains of Blood Bowl: referees.
Gobbo Powah
by Chickenbrain
Star Open Gobbo Interviews Star factions Gobbo
Team Tactics
Fans Count!
by Cusi
Why fan support is so important for a Blood Bowl team.
To play, perchance to feast
by Freak in a Chef's Frock
The secret for a successful recipe to victory for 'flings!
A Foul Family Tradition
by Christer
The critical art of fouling discussed in detail.
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