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2021-04-29 20:32:46
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2021-01-09 11:09:52
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Pre-League Thought on the Nuffle League Team
Interesting experiment and a first time for me in such a setting: I will participate in the Nuffle League where every team drafts 11+ Players randomly and tries to make a team. My team is drafted thus: https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=1016306

Here are my first thought how they could play. Unfortunately I do not have yet the idea how are my opponents teams, but I imagine that they are also chaotic like mine.

General Remarks:
Speed: Slow, the most of our players are MV 4 or 5 with some even more less. Two of our MV 6 are also secret weapons, other two are players with No hands or Skelettons, that means we left with only one Player to play the Speed game, #1 Araby Sheikh (with Leader Skill). He will be the cornerstone of my team (Safety, Runner even Catcher if needed, his Agi 4 will be needed). The problem, he will be so alone in this team that he will be the major target of my opponents, so his play will be very easily neutralised. May the dice be with us.
Power: Strong, 4 Big Guys (Mighty Blow!) and 2 St 4 Players (unfortunately one of the two is Secret Weapon and the other suffers from BloodLust). Our Forward team seems good in paper. One Claw, 4 Blocks and 2 Grab as starting skills in the rest of the team should also help. But if all of them play we will be even more slow. Maybe that is better, better slow and alive than fast and dead. May the dice be with us.
Agility: Very Low: Only two players with Agi 4 (Sheikh and Sea Elf) and 10 (!) players with Agi less than 2 or No Hands, Secret Weapon, Animosity rules. Again the same problem: less players to make the job done, the easier to got neutralised in the game. In between these two ends of the agility spectrum we have two dwarves and one halfling. Only the halfling can become a bit helpful... that is so desperate :D . At least he has some nice but situational passing skills. May the dice be with us.
Survivability: Good. 6 Players with AV 9 or 10, only 3 less than 8. Also 14 players in the roster. We will probably avoid to be pitch cleared. I do not know about scoring, but some blocking we will do. May the dice be with us.
Negatrait: All of them! Sure, I managed to make a nice collection one of each one available Negatrait or special negative rules (animosity, no hands etc.) in the game. May the dice be with us.

Prediction: No idea. May the dice be with us.
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Posted by Foremole on 2021-01-09 21:33:33
Your first opponent's team: https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1014621

Has a lot more MA, but a lot less big guys. If you win the ground battle, it should work out well for you.
Posted by stej on 2021-01-10 01:03:35
Looks like you play this lot like Khemri and you should go ok
Posted by Wozzaa on 2021-01-10 07:09:18
You got a great chew toy for your squig... the orc lineman. Keep them close!
Posted by luxyluxo on 2021-01-10 09:35:12
Nice team
Posted by Kharigor on 2021-01-10 11:34:25
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I spotted later the Orc and maybe also the Ironbreaker Linedwarf (Armour 10!! but so slow, MV 3) to help with the squig! That is a very nice combo! I could have taken a Vampire also, but I panicked with all these negatraits and dismissed him, I think for the Halfling one :D . Never mind, I have now some sort of 1 TTD option :D .
Posted by garyt1 on 2021-01-12 01:56:28
A very beefy team! And with a quick ag4 too it could be effective.