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2021-04-29 20:32:46
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2021-05-08 12:20:03
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From the History of CIBBL 3: Halfling Football in the Empire Regionals
Greetings Sports Fans,

The big day has come. The CIBBL spring regional championship are starting and the fans are looking ways to evade the Nurglentine and see their favourite team facing their traditional rivals. It is true that the Autumn Gold Championship is the top tournament in the CIBBL, but fans have always deep in their hearts their regional championship. Here stories are born and legends are made.

Unfortunately for the Halflings the competition is very strong and no titles have been so far taken (or even claimed a bit!). Despite that this is the CIBBL tournament on which we compete more. There are lot of instances of teams created by the Halfling Football Federation only to compete during the Empire Regionals. This is a sign, how important this championship is considered for the Halflings.

So let's see the stats:

Y2: Hilshire Culinary College 5 pts. (1 W – 2 D – 1 L / TDD = 0 , CAD = -1), 3rd Place out of 5. (Champion: Grasparossa B.B.C) → Arguably the best performance ever of a Halfling team! This was their only appearance in CIBBL.
Y3: No Halfling Team (Champion Blood-Ground Blackhorns [Beastmen])
Y4: Mootland Defenders, 5 pts. ( 1 W by Forfeit – 2 D – 2 L / TDD= -7, CAD= -5), 5th Place out of 6. (Champion: Congregation of Holy Touchdown – Sisters of Sigmar).
Y5: Gipfel Blueleaves 3 pts. ( 1 W – 4 L / TDD = -5, CAD = -12), 5th Place out of 6. (Champion: Cloven Clan / 2nd Title for a Beastmen Team).
Y6: Lords of the Harvest 2pts (2 D – 3 L / TDD = - 6, CAD = -4), 6th Place out of 6. (Champion: Congregation of Holy Touchdown – Sisters of Sigmar, 2nd Title). The famous Lords of the Harvest, which is the most cited Halfling Team in this blog became the first Halfling Team without a win in the Empire Regionals and the first to come last. The following Summer disappeared during the Summer tournament they were hosting.
Y7: Brandystock Barrelers 0 pts (1 L, 4 F / TDD = -2, CAD = -4), 6th Place out of 6 . (Champion: Grasparossa B.B.C. - Human, 2nd Title). A black page in the history of Halfling football. The team played only one game in the Regionals and withdrawed.
Y8: Eichenschatten Swan Riders ???

From the above, we can now conclude what our targets as a team is.
a. Take some points. A Draw or even better a Win is needed. All the Halfling Teams (with the special exception of the Barrelers) have managed to steal some points. Funny to say, Halfling Teams fare in average a lot better in the Empire Regionals than every other CIBBL seasonal tournament. That is a difficult task, since most of our opponents are seasoned veterans (Grasparossa B.B.C was in Gold last autumn, Cerberus Beast in Copper: according to the predictions these both teams will fight for the crown this spring) or dangerously skilled fanaticals (the three Cults/Orders). If succeeded then:
b. Avoid the last place. Easier said than done.
c. Ideally, make Halflings great again by achieving the best result for a Halfling Team in the Empire Regionals. That is more Wins and Draw than Losses and a 3rd Place or Better.

Concerning the team is not more a secret that Deeproot started training with the team. He is for sure not available for the first game of Swan Riders in the Empire Regionals, but he is expected to participate in at least 2 games. Other Stars maybe will be also contacted.
Our Program is:
Rd 1: Away at Sigmar's Immolators (Witch Hunter)
Rd 2: Away at Hammers of the White Wolf (Cult of Ulric)
Rd 3: Home with Cerberus Beast (Beastmen)
Rd 4: Away at Grasparossa B.B.C. (Human)
Rd 5: Away at Matrons of Malice (Sisters of Sigmar)

Only one Home Game, but what a game agaist these remarkable Beastmen! Elder Pass Holders have off-course free entry. Chef Pass Holders have 50% discount, the rest Pass Holders (Hot Pot, Swan, Archer) 25%.
Individual Ticket: 50 Shillings

Stay tuned for all the Pre-Game promotions!
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