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2021-04-29 20:32:46
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2021-03-01 13:34:13
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CIBBL Pre-Game 5 Swan Riders vs Scrapheap Scrappers
Greeting Sports Fans

We are back in Eichenschatten! Still mourning and trying to cope with the loss of our Star Treeman Caden Undaria. He was an MV 3 with Block Treeman. Some have described him as the new Deeproot Strongbrach, who actually was among the fans in the Skyport of Eichenschatten to welcome the team and send his condolences.

A rare interview with the Mootland Sports&Cooking Gazetteer followed.

Journalist: Mr Strongbranch, we are excited to see you here. It is very known that despite your sympathy for the Halflings and that you are the biggest star in our Federation, you generally avoid to be among Halfling crowds.
Deeproot Strongbranch: That is true! But the loss of this young hopeful Treeman impacted me a lot. I indeed hoped him that he will survive and become one of the biggest Legends of our era. He learned how to Block and he was one of the faster Treemen that I have seen (*1). If he could manage to work his Strength a bit up a bit, he could be an even better player than me. It is a pity that he did not manage to play more than 4 games in his career.
J.: It is also a huge loss for the Swan Riders. They manage to replace him with another Treeman, Glueck Tannenbaum with whom we have seen you to speak. How do you see the chances of the Swan Riders against the next opponent, the Scrapheap Scrappers ( https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1016269 )?
DS.: I followed the matches in the Pit Division and the Scrappers are with the Aetheric Humors, the Corpse Nightmares and off-course the Spitepeak Sabotage among the teams that will fight for the first places. I still think that the title most possibly will be decided between the Sabotage and the Nightmares, but we must not yet stop counting the chances of the others two. I saw some games of the Scrappers and it will be for sure a very tough game for the Swan Riders.
J.: Is there a chance to see you also with the Swan Riders? We know that you have already played 22 games with Halfling teams in CIBBL!
DS.: I always remind the people that the disaster of the Pinkfoot Panthers in 2422 was the reason that I started to play Fantasy Football. I was also the major thrust in the 2482 campaign to persuade the old NAF to change its rule-set so two Treemen could become integral parts of the official Halfling roster. I am here to help all the Halfling(*²) Teams, when they are facing stronger opponents in the professional Leagues and I am not planning to change this at all!
J.: We are hoping then that you will enjoy the Blue and Black of the Swan Riders so much as the green and yellow of the Greenfield Grasshuggers! Is there a hope for the rosters of Swan Riders to become so famous like the 2477/8 Roster of the Greenfield Grasshuggers, the supposed all-time best Halfling team?
DS.: Honestly, this is too early to say! Let the Swan Riders compete for at least 30 seasons in a top professional League like the Grasshuggers have done and we can compare them. I am still a Grasshuggers fan, but I can change my mind, if they prove it in the top level.

*1: There are rumours of MV 4 Treeman. It is known that Hansi Missclick was looking for such a player in all the Forests of this world!
*2: As well as any Forest Halfling and Treemen Teams!

Did you Know... #5
… that Frank N Stein was coached by Hansi Missclick during his time as an assistant coach in Averland All-Stars? Our legendary coach and the Golem Star co-existed for some games during the 70s in the nearby Averland. The sport uniform of Frank N Stein with the colors of Averland All-Stars is in the Sports Museum and Restaurant of Eichenschatten, donated by the innovative Halfling coach (allegedly to pay for his meal, because he could not remember where he put his purse). Hansi in his memoirs described him as a bit slow for the game, but very disciplined and incredibly elusive when he was using his strength to break the opponent tackles.
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Posted by Wozzaa on 2021-03-01 21:45:11
Dem Snots ridin Trashcar turned dat tree into sawdust .

Ee will be immortalized az a ood ornament for Trashcar