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2021-04-29 20:32:46
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2021-02-04 15:03:42
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New Franchise in CIBBL: Moot will have a Team again. Meet the Eicheschatten Swan Riders
It is Autumn of the year 7 and the Eicheschatten Grove Stadion is ready to host games again for CIBBL. A new franchise will try to represent the Halfling nation in CIBBL --> The Eicheschatten Swan Riders https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1020732

We will try to trace the story of Halfling teams in this venerated League when we will find the relevant datas. It may need some time, but the rumors are that their records were very bad. Even the officials of CIBBL were surprised, when the Board of our team appeared and asked for the permission to enter the League. They were expecting some Norse, Estalian or Old World Alliance people, but not, it was the Swan Riders.

14 Players full roster (2 Trees, 2 Catchers, 2 Hefties, the rest Hopefuls, 3 RRs and 1 brave Apothecary... ok he is not exactly an Apothecary, but the local Gardener, we wish all of them good luck). There is a problem with the coach, Kharigor, he is a Beastman and somehow he is in the position to manipulate time, since he will be simultaneously also the coach in another Team, some unreliable Minotaurs in SLICC ( https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=1011324 ). But that is the problems of the modern Blood Bowl, what we will see next, Dwarf coaching Elves, Nurgling coaching Trees... who knows? The statistics of the coach are not also very good. Rumors are that he took the job, because he was the only one that applied for this job. At least he won 2 games with Minotaurs, maybe he will take a draw with Halfling, who knows?

CIBBL was kind enough to give us the possibility to host 6 (!) games this Autumn in Eicheschatten. They want for sure to boost the chances for our team and give them the chance to surviv.., eh to stabilize in this prestigious League. Offcourse we will start in the absolute bottom of the League, the so-called Pit.

During Autumn we will host Games 1-3 in Eicheschatten (note: in correct Halfling is Eichenschatten = Shadows of the Oak, but ok we will keep the traditional writing of the name). Our Opponents will be a) young Zoats from Crystal Mere, Athel Loren b) TBD c) Minotaurs from the Blood Mountain, we do not know where it is. For Game 4 we will travel to Spitepeak and play against some Snotlings. We will return afterwards to Eicheschatten and host Game 5-7 against some Flesh Golems from Scrapheap (no idea, happy that we do not need to find where it is), the Corpse Run Nightmares (Strigoi Vampires from Sylvania) and finally the Aethyric Humours (Air Elemental).

Book now for a ticket for these wonderful games.
Elder Pass (all Games in Eicheschatten during this Autumn and Year 8) --> 400 Shillings
Chef Pass (all 6 Games) --> 170 Shillings
Hot Pot Pass (choose 4 of the 6 Games) --> 125 Shillings
Swan Pass (Game 1 to 3) --> 90 Shillings
Archer Pass (Game 5 to 7) --> 110 Shillings
Debut Game (Game 1) --> 25 Shillings
Individual Games (Game 2 to 3 and 5) --> 35 Shillings pro Game
Individual Games (Game 6 to 7) --> 45 Shillings pro Game.

Programm can be found here: https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&at=1&group=10455&p=tournaments&show=54106 (we thank coach razmus for providing us with the right link in the comments)

The Board of the Eicheschatten Swan Riders

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Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-02-04 16:16:16
Brave man! best of luck I wish you well
Posted by Wozzaa on 2021-02-04 18:30:21
We iz gonna squish sum of dem lil chubberz unda da weels of our team buses.

Wozz Wozztusk, Spitepeak Sabotage
Posted by DaCoach on 2021-02-04 19:24:03
Looking forward to start off my CIBBL journey in the Pit with you
Posted by sanlo3 on 2021-02-04 22:16:05
Good luck and Welcome! Hope to see your halflings soon... to... stab them... :)
Posted by Kharigor on 2021-02-04 23:06:33
Thanks everyone for your kind words and warm wishes about seeing our ... inner world. I am now double curious what happened to the other halfling teams in CIBBL!
Posted by LemonheadWallenstein on 2021-02-05 09:47:35
Welcome to the league, have fun!
Posted by datom on 2021-02-05 10:21:10
Posted by AutoAxpert on 2021-02-05 17:56:02
Good luck! CIBBL needs a fling franchise!
Posted by Foremole on 2021-02-06 00:45:18
The Sharks will look forward to potentially chomping on some ham legs in the future.