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2021-04-29 20:32:46
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2021-02-06 10:51:53
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From the history of CIBBL: The history of Halflings in CIBBL 1
The Eichenschatten Swan Riders ( https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=1020732 ) are not the first Halfling team in CIBBL. There were previously according to the official data other 6 teams consisted of Halfling hopefuls that tried to enter and compete in this prestigious league. With … unremarkable results. The 6 previous brave Halfling teams were:
1. Hilshire Culinary College 4 GP (1 W – 2 D – 1 L) in Year 2 Spring (short stay, but probably one of the best perfomances for a Halfling team. https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=874397
2. Mootland Defenders https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=907246 10 GP ( 1 W – 3 D – 6 L) from Year 4 Winter to Y4 Summer.
3. Gipfel Blueleaves https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=924370 11 GP (2 W – 9 L) from Year 5 Winter to Y5 Summer.
4. Lords of the Harvest https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=943332 16 GP (2 W – 2 D – 12L) from Year 5 Autumn to Y6 Spring (record of most games played and shared record of most time spend in CIBBL for a Halfling team). They should have played also in the only CIBBL Tournament organized in Moot, the Eichenschatten Grand Feast, but for unknown reason they never show to play their games! This is a huge black spot in the history of Halfling Football! (We will make a feature story in our blog to this tournament, because it is an important chapter for the history of blood bowl in Moot).
5. Brandystock Barrelers https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=989744 13 GP (13 L!) from Year 6 Autumn to Y7 Spring (shared record of most time spend in CIBBL for a Halfling Team).
6. Sleepy Wood Timbermen https://fumbbl.com/p/team?op=view&team_id=1007385 4 GP (1 D – 3 L) in Y7 Summer.

All together 58 GP (6 W – 8 D – 44 L), no titles.
Sirs, the Swan Riders thank you for your efforts to put the Halfling nation in the CIBBL map and we will try to add another one glorious chapter. Maybe we will manage to contact some of the stars and coaches of the past and share with us their experiences as a Halfling in CIBBL.
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Posted by Hoellenbote on 2021-02-06 10:55:14
I got hungry reading this! ;)
Posted by Grasshugger17 on 2021-02-06 14:22:38
Rumours abound about what happened to Lords of the Harvest, but no-one has ever discovered the true story. Many an old halfling believes that one day, when the chips are down, and all seems lost, Lords of the Harvest will return to finish what they started and clear their name!
Posted by captainmalkor on 2021-02-06 15:19:11
Welcome to the Empire
Posted by Rbthma on 2021-02-06 16:12:36
A hearty welcome to CIBBL to the Swan Riders! Nice recap of the Halfling teams that have come before as well :)
Posted by Foremole on 2021-02-06 17:04:16
Welcome to the league Kharigor! May those Halflings treat you better than their predecessors. I expect some Halfling Shenanigans and some great plays out of you!
Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-02-07 14:25:12
Welcome to The Empire. So long as you keep hold of your wonderful sense of humour you will have a great time in CIBBL.
‘Greased Stunties’ and slightly adjusted fouling rules perhaps means Halflings are 1% less terrible than usual = )