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2019-12-19 13:35:00
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2019-12-19 13:35:00
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Talented players
Please tell me about your special players. I don't mean players who happen to have lots of SPP, I mean players that have real talent and stand out as GOOD at the game by their actions. Let me introduce you to two such players...

I'm training a friend in this game and got him setup with an orc team. He's very into the characters and personalities his team consists of. His star player is Centipede Joe. Centipede Joe really understands the game of blood bowl and is always positioned in the perfect place. My friend being new to blood bowl, he's about the only player who is! He backs up his positioning with some very safe hands. When my friend accidentally selected pass instead of hand-off, the pass naturally missed and scattered, but it landed on Centipede Joe! When I kickoff (no Kick skill) and the ball scatters, it either lands directly on Centipede Joe or beside him before bouncing to him. The last four kickoffs have resulted in Centipede Joe holding the ball (1 high kick, 1 out of bounds, 2 lucky scatters). This fella just knows where he has to be! He's the only one who can threaten the ball carrier when I've run through a gap, etc. (And my friend has no idea when he's left a gap, it's not an intentional fullback!). Centipede Joe is also nimble and has never failed a dodge. While scoring his first ever touchdown (having received the errant 'pass') he took some unnecessary dodges along the way to please the crowd (or perhaps my friend hadn't understood tacklezones yet). When he was naturally awarded the MVP, it was fitting that he received dodge, and has continued to impress with his quick feet ever since. I could sing his praises all night (no chainsaw, no matter how persistent, has scratched him). And we do.

I've noticed a standout player myself on my Chaos Dwarf team. I don't centaur carry. I've never setup with the plan to centaur carry. But somehow 'Speedy' Ghazahk is my highest TD scorer. He's such a ball magnet! When the hobgoblins mess up (I blame the goblins but I know it's my fault) and the ball pops free, he's there. When my opponents get close to him, a stern gaze, and they drop it like it's hot. And Ghazahk is very reliable, not needing a second opportunity to squirrel the ball away. This contrasts with the other centaur on the team who has yet to achieve anything other than early badly hurts and costly failed 2D blocks. As he becomes the most skilled player on the team it becomes more natural for him to play well and be involved with the important plays (absolutely diced my opponent in the second half of his last game, stealing the ball right in front of my endzone, unsupported, and running it all the way to score). But right from his rookie early games Ghazakh stood out.

Who do you have that the blood bowl world needs to pay more attention to?
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Posted by neilwat on 2019-12-19 21:48:27

This little fellow is one of my fav's. He got injured a while back so he is normally well up for getting into the thick of things. He normally plays all drives whereas my other catchers are not always on the pitch. Due to this he has picked up a good amount of TDs. He also plays for my league team and league teams feel like they have a bit more history.
Posted by Despaxis on 2019-12-23 17:09:29
It may be early to call him a “talented” player and it may just be luck but...meet ‘Jaundiced’ Jack the zombie on my Necromantic team the Hewstone.


He managed to intercept a bomb on the first turn of our goblin opponent’s first offensive drive, then chucked it at a troll and 4 goblins, sending them all into the dirt. My werewolf then leapt on the ball right behind them, fouling up an attempt to tie the game up before halftime.
Posted by Muff2n on 2019-12-24 15:27:30
Good bios/drawings. Ones to watch for sure.