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2020-12-18 21:22:22
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2020-12-09 22:08:03
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2020-11-28 22:41:04
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2020-11-25 19:40:50
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2020-08-07 14:14:47
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2019-12-19 13:35:00
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2020-12-18 21:22:22
4 votes, rating 4.3
Shamoozle Kaboos: Zorch and Milligan
Part 1
Centipede Joe and

Part 2
The Coat Man

Part 3
Colonel Yeppins

This week we analyse the performance of the two lineorcs of the team:
Zorch the Wester and
Milligan the Easter. Yes, that's right, I'm going to talk about two players that are very hard to tell apart in a GIF. Sue me. Life can be tough as a lowly lineorc. Constantly over looked by the muscles of the BoBs and the talent of the blitzers. However the Shamoozle Kaboos sport lineorcs who are both well known for their casualties.

Zorch punches harder than a black orc. In his first ever BB game he caused a fatality and that single act might be the reason why coach JBarker91 came back for a second game. He didn't stop there and still tops the Shamoozle Kaboos' most kills list. But it would be untasteful of me to do a montage of his greatest hits (get it?), so I'm going to focus on his defensive capabilities. Zorch is often found holding the West flank where he is a source of frustration for the opposing team. Here he is in their 3rd game.

Not bad at all. Whilst he did eventually go down, leading to scores of skeletons flooding through the gaping hole in the Shamoozle Kaboos' defence, Zorch put up a good scrap. I think he should be due a promotion to Blitzer (cough sack The Coat Man cough) any day soon.

Because Zorch started straight out of the blocks, and the enthusiasm of Colonel Yeppins shone brightly too, poor Milligan spent his entire fourth game on the bench. That humiliating experience (being overlooked for a goblin is upsetting at the best of times) was a catalyst for Milligan and left him with something to prove. Here he is in games 5, 6 and 7, with the bit between his teeth, keen to earn his place on the pitch.

G5 T1 CAS. G6 T1 CAS. G7 T3 KO. G7 T9 CAS! He's shit. He's the shittest player there ever was. To this day he hasn't earned any SPP, but he sure has given my teams a generous helping. I must say how much I love playing against Milligan, and I wish him a long career :)
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Posted by sokeeffe on 2020-12-21 14:04:00
Despite this content just being about a league team that plays mostly another league team repeatedly, I love these little blogs, they are entertaining indeed!

You should bring yourself over to the CIBBL league where this kind of stuff is popular and applauded.