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BoCK - Anatomy of: A Beastophile
Greetings sports fans. Put that snotling down and buckle up for the latest thriller served up by the most entertaining team in CIBBL. This week the Beasts of Crimson Keep faced off against the Temple of the Great Beast.

The BoCK elect to receive and collect the ball, unperturbed by one of the most pathetic blitz attempts I have ever seen. However they overload their left wing which leaves an opening for the Temple to exploit.

The Temple apply the pressure and the game descends into a big old scrap. Lovely. The BoCK were gaining the upper hand in the ruckus with some tactical fighting until Sir Corduin skulls out and the flood gates open. The Temple really turn the screw and with last week's defeat weighing on his mind, coach Muff2n gets tunnel vision trying to keep the ball safe from the clutches of the stinking blodging elf.

Oops that left the door open for Skrer to make the sack. Watch out this cat rat has claws horns. Fortunately the Temple couldn't retrieve the ball and the mayhem continued. With time ticking down the BoCK need a hero. Step forward Mariam.

Argh. Ordinarily such a failure would mean a week on the rack, but in light of her earlier success, I'll call it quits at 3 days. With the ball loose the Temple seize their chance and they are away.

Fortunately Sir Courduin himself - sacker extraordinaire - is within range.

Typical. You write some nice things about a monster and they turn into a choker. It's probably the first time anyone has ever said nice things about him. And it will be the last you can be sure of that.

Second half and the Temple were down a couple of players, so there was a good chance to go for the win. Step one. Surround the cage and deal with the blodger.

It's good to have you back Sir Corduin. Step two; score quickly.

Damn that meddling rat costing us so much time. Stricken Anna eventually took it over the line to tie things up. Two turns left each. The Temple are receiving but down are on players. Would they go for the win or settle for the draw?

The cowardly Temple had lost faith in their patron (and of ever passing an AV roll). They fall back from the Beasts to erect an impressive defence of their goal line. As is typical, we sign off with a desperado from the Beasts of Crimson Keep.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nuffle why must you toy with me so? He leads me on time and time again and I fall for it over and over. But I love this team and this game. We'll be back for more next week, be sure to tune in!

Beast to watch:

Difficult to choose between them this week. There was definitely good mixed with the bad. But in this team you have to earn awards, so I'll give it to Skrer for sacking us twice and generally being a PITA.

Beast of the match:

No surprises here, Sir Giles the fallen takes it again. Undermining my last statement, Lady Lenore has her favourite.
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Posted by C0ddlefish on 2021-03-05 16:23:37
"The Temple are receiving but down are on players. Would they go for the win or settle for the draw?"

Having already given away a touchdown when starting the second half 8 vs 10, then going 7 vs 11 made the 'run and hide' option seem obvious.....

The Temple are taking away the fact that (for a change) nobody (important) got killed or permed
Posted by bakadon on 2021-03-06 08:56:44
Always like a nice read this early on the loo! Notice you've nearly got 11 players back c0ddle.

Up next for your Beasts is the misfiring draw specialist Orcs. The coach is under pressure but after star captain Umroks escape from death via the apoth can he inspire his side and rescue autumn for the Greenskins
Posted by garyt1 on 2021-03-07 15:28:48
Excellent report! Great clips Muffin.