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BoCK - Anatomy of: Leggy Reptiles
Welcome all to the latest installment. This week the Beasts of Crimson Keep (1-2-1) took on the Endlings Wanderers (1-1-2). Will the power of the vampires be countered by the agility of the slann? This match promised a real clash of styles.

The first half can be summarised by this

My man Sir Corduin. What strength. What poise. What a player. He's a (not particularly) lean, (but extra) mean, scoring machine.

Second half and all the blood was pouring out of some players and really rushing to the heads of others. The BoCK were clearly getting a little bit excited and carried away with the prospect of their first win in 3 games. Here we see them rush towards the ball carrier.

It's good to see the energy with which they were playing, but maybe it would have been good to leave a sweeper to defend against the obvious response...

The slann completed the move and tied the match at 1 a piece. The BoCK then received with 5 turns to score for the win. The slann are rather depleted being outnumbered 11-8. However they are more mobile and still represent a threat. This time Sir Giles was chosen as the ball carrier. How did he get on?

Don't ask. Just don't ask...

This has to be up there with one of the worst plays ever. An almost certain TD wasted and worse than that, despite the slann being down to 5layers they have a catcher near to the ball and can potentially capitalise to score one of their own! I cringe at the thought of what Blagga will have to say about this. All the BoCK can do it watch how the play unfolds.

Or not! Instead of passively observing new player Duchess Iselda plucks the pass out of the sky and runs it in the save the match. Have you ever seen a warrior clad in 30kg of steel jump so high?

Beast to watch:

What a performer. He's the Youngblood's Blocking Scorer and you might as well write his name on the Mud trophy too. I would have begun to worry that this would be a one-monster team but...

Beast of the match:

Iselda saved the day with her cool interception and winning TD. Not bad for a rookie!

Join us next week as we take on the Kar Sabar Geheb's Lions. A fixture which promises bone-shattering fun. We need your support as we need a win to keep out 1st place dreams alive (still undecided about actually winning 'Mud' though).
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