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2020-12-18 21:22:22
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2020-12-09 22:08:03
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2020-11-28 22:41:04
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2020-11-25 19:40:50
rating 4
2020-08-07 14:14:47
rating 1.5


2019-12-19 13:35:00
rating 4.4
2021-01-08 21:52:23
5 votes, rating 5.6
Shamoozle Kaboos: Keppy Doodar
Part 1
Centipede Joe and
Part 2
The Coat Man
Part 3
Colonel Yeppins
Part 4
Zorch the Wester and
Milligan the Easter

Another big name playing for the Shamoozle Kaboos is
Keppy Doodar. Keppy Doodar is an orc's orc. None of this fancy Centipede Joe footwork and ball handling. He plays proper Blood Bowl. I got a lot flack for refusing to show Zorch's fatalities last time, so I'll pander to the crowd a little. Here he is earning his frenzy badge:

That was 5 CAS out of 9 blocks, not a bad ratio! Ok so he can squish bony things. What other challenges might he face on the pitch? After all there are many terrible beasts that take to the pitch, and a good fighter must be able to stand toe to toe with all sort. That's right, we need to see how he does against halflings. Here he is in his first ever encounter with the vicious child-like people.

You see he's versatile. He hardly paused for breath all game, so intent was he on smashing their little faces with his fists. Great stuff.

I've also been getting a lot of hate mail from The Coat Man's fans. I was just as surprised as you are to learn that he has any. They say that I've 'neglected his achievements' (I'm paraphrasing). So in the interests of fairness - though I'm not particularly interested in that myself - here he is as the SK face off against the Knights of the Roundish Stable. We join the action in the second half with the orcs and goblin needing to score an equalizer. But things are looking grim. Not only has CJ been poisoned by a witch, George the Bush starts raining bombs.

Squeezle doesn't do flashes, smoke and loud noises. George is getting is eye in and fending off all attempts at interfering with his manic play. Things are looking grim as the clock is ticking and the Shamoozle Kaboos are clumped.

Boom. A taste of his own medicine! If by medicine you mean lots of ammonia. That threat has been eliminated but there's not long left now. We re-join on the final turn, there's only time for one play left. Centipede Joe has been screened in, but The Coat Man is waiting to collect his charity handout. Sorry I mean save the day.

Oh Nuffle that was painful. He fumbles it. Mr Snerf bats it back to him. Fumble. Centipede Joe deftly and with great patience nudges it back to him. Third fumble and with that the game ends and the peasants' peals of laughter fill the stadium.
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