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DLE - The KFC Play-off race
Hertha: ”Yesterday we looked at the SHC, so now the time has come to move on to the KFC. Not as many interesting races her as in the SHC, though. Starting with the KFC North is a situation where the Universe has a three point lead on the Unicorns with two matches left. And, the two teams meet up now in week 15!”

Günther: “Yep. But even if the Unicorns win, they have a tough fight against the Foxes, while the Universe with a one point advantage meet the Marauders. Thus, we call this division for the Universe.”

Hertha: “Sounds good to me. And we would not be surprised if they went on to win another SuperBowl, even though they have suffered some loses this season. Over in KFC East, Thunder have struggled lately with only 4 points in the last 5 matches, but they are still heading steadily towards the divisional title. They currently have 16 points with two matches left, while second placed River Bandits have 12 points with three matches to go. Even the Gunners with 11 points and 3 matches could possibly win the division.”

Günther: “And even though Thunder is going to have a hard time in week 15 as they face the 49ers, they will probably clinch the title with 2 points in week 16 against the Bruisers. River Bandits can potentially get 18 points as well, but they face Bruisers, Avalanche and Buccaneeers and getting full score against these three is not an easy prospect.”

Hertha: “No. And Gunners face Avalanche, bruisers and Wreckers, so they are not likely to get a full score either. Thus, we call the division for the Thunder, but they will certainly not get a bye in their first round.”

Günther: “I surely concur. KFC South has the only interesting race in the KFC, where 49ers at 19 points have only one point on the Scimitars. They do have one more match to play than the Scimitars, though. However, their schedule looks tough. First the Rangers, and then Manticores and Razorbacks. I have faith in the 49ers, though, so I believe they will win all three and take themselves easily to the divisional title and the bye.”

Hertha: “Yes. And even though the Scimitars are close, they have struggled in this last part of the season. After midseason break they are 1-2-2 and have lost key linos like Bergstrom, Thompson and Thomas and the excellent catcher Criner. They also have the Rangers in their week 15 match, before they end the season against the Eagles.”

Günther: “So, divisional title to the 49ers there. And Patriots are already divisional winners over in KFC East. With 19 points and three matches to go, they have an astonishing 11 point lead to the Classics in second place! And with the crew they have in place, neither Crimson Cascade, Griffins or Grizzlies will cause them much trouble. So a bye for sure.”

Hertha: “Right. So Universe, Thunder, 49ers and Patriots will win their divisions, with Pats and 49ers getting the byes. And here we believe there are only two serious wild card candidates, the Unicorns and the Scimitars.”

Günther: “That’s sooo true, Hertha. Scimitars have 18 points and Unicorns 17, both teams with two matches left. Foxes have 15, but only one match left, and Razorbacks have a slim chance at 14 points and two matches left, and River Bandits at 12 with three matches could of course pull off a miracle. ”

Hertha: “We don’t think they will present any real danger though. The distance is too wide to be handled in two matches. Also, Scimitars should manage at least two points in their remaining matches against the Rangers and the Eagles to secure one wildcard. We are more uncertain about the Unicorns, though.”

Günther: “Yes, we are. They have Universe in week 15 and Foxes in week 16 and may very well end up with two losses. However, they will still have the advantage on the Foxes, and Razorbacks will have to pull off something really great to get 4 points from their two remaining matches against Greenskins and 49ers. So Scimitars for sure and Unicorns for the last wildcard.

Hertha: “And viewers who can’t wait until the play-offs can sit down and enjoy the following key matches: 49ers vs Rangers and Avalanche vs Gunners in week 14, Unicorns vs Universe in week 15 and Unicorns vs Foxes and Razorbacks vs 49ers in the final week of the season. Enjoy, and we will see if our predictions are made true!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung.
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-11-14 19:11:34
I agree with this. Razorbacks will not win the last 2. Scimitars will take that wildcard. Razorbacks will be back with a vengance next season...
Posted by grunth on 2017-11-14 19:35:45
lets go Thunder !!! :D

nice work mate
Posted by muaddib68 on 2017-11-14 21:13:45
hey hey , nice , well done , very realistic analysis !
Posted by neubau on 2017-11-14 22:47:06
still love to read those