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DLE - Althoff on the warpath helps gutsy Carroburg take another scalp!
It was party time in the Pool tonight, as Carroburg was visited by the Sharks. The homecrowd had high expectations after the convincing victory over the Greenskins in the season opener, and had turned out in record numbers. And they were not at all disappointed! Althoff was on fire and led the team to another convincing victory as Cascade took their revenge over the Sharks after the humiliating 1-0 home loss in season 2. Hertha and Günther, you are down there with tonight’s heroes?

Hertha: “We sure are!” She looks at her two visitors, back-up quarterback Inga Dedekind and tall, grim-looking Dietmar Althoff. “What a fantastic start, Dietmar? Two casualties in the Battle of the border, and tonight three more against the Sharks. You must be happy now?

Dietmar: “Very much so. I was hired to be destructive, and so far this season I’m paying my bills to the team.”

Hertha: “Isn’t it kind of hard to be doing so much damage? What do the other players feel?”

Dietmar: (looks strangely at Hertha) “What do you mean? Everybody knows it’s not personal and the killers are well respected. Just look at Hightower!”

Günther: “As we mention Hightower, he has 5 casualties for the Patriots after two rounds, and with these three tonight you are his equal. Is that a goal for you?”

Dietmar: “I respect Hightower as a capable opponent, and I have every intention to do my best to beat him in the casualty score this year. I heard he took a hit in the last game, so I have a chance to gain an advantage in our next game…”

Günther: “It took you some time to get fired up tonight, though?”

Dietmar: “Yeah. Got tied down with some work guarding Nicola for a while, but then Petrus took over and I could get back into the business, and J.R. Sweezy was a nice start. At that point I was just desperate to get the hit in before Nicola scored the TD and stopped the clock. And then David Bales nicely served himself up at the start of the second half, and finally I got Tamir Whitehead just after our second TD. Think I had a KO as well… “

Hertha: “And Inga, the second TD was a brilliant play by you!”

Inga: (smiles) “Thank you, but actually, it was mostly Ballard who did the work. He followed the defensive gameplan to the letter when he used Sidestepping to slip through the Sharks defensive line and close up on their new Quarterback. Under severe pressure, Keenum failed first his pass (5+) and then his dodge to recover the lost ball, and suddenly the moment was there. I was just about to secure the ball myself when Nicola came sprinting in from her safety position, screaming to Manfred as she eased in beside him for support: “Blitz that clown and break left, and Inga will pass you the ball”. (Inga shudders). Not het person I would try to give orders, but Manfred just nodded, smacked Pavlik in the face so he fell backwards, and ran. He was totally free on that flank, and all I had to do was pick up the ball and throw it to him. And tada, the deciding TD!”

Günther: “Not a bad pass, either!”

Inga: (grins) “Thanks. True to tell, I almost dropped the ball when picking it up (3+ and Sure Hands, rolled 2 and 3), but the short pass was good. (she hesitates) You are the statistics guy, Günther. Can you tell me why the statistics records that short pass as a 0 yard pass instead of a 4 yard pass, just because it’s thrown sideways and not forewards?”

Günther: “It’s a NUFFLE secret, Inga. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you afterwards…(he smiles warmly) “and we surely wouldn’t want to do that!”

Hertha: “And you won the MVP as well, Inga! Do you think it was because of the brilliant pass?”

Inga: (smiles uncertainly)”Maybe. But on the other hand you never know why the fans do it the way they do. Last match, Turbin got the MVP even though he was only on the field for two turns before Pryor blasted him.. You simply never can tell. (shakes her head, but then lightens up into her classic smile) But I am happy anyway! 5-0 in casualties and 3-1 in TDs puts us firmly in the lead of the division!

Coach Vatn approaches. Clothed as usual in his well-worn Cascade jacket, he is even smiling a little…

Günther: “And here comes Coach Vatn as well.” He greets the head coach, who eases into position between his two players.

Hertha: “Seems like you have been performing magic in between these two seasons, coach! We have never seen the Cascade like this!”

Vatn: “I’m actually very happy myself! As the only team in the league, we managed to keep all experienced players through the season, and developed a couple of the rookies (he nods towards Inga). Thus, when we added 8 more experienced players through trades and the season 3 draft, we are now in a position were we can start being a serious contender for the titles. And then, of course, everyone is excited and have trained well through the off-season.”

Günther: “So you are optimistic for this season?”

Vatn: “A divisional title should be possible. That’s the goal I have promised the Board. Beyond that, it may be a question… The Knights and the Buccaneers have very good teams and have improved a lot as well. And then of course, it also depends upon attrition, for us as well as for our hardest competitors.”

Hertha: “Excellent. A final question, Inga! The last three home matches in season 2 resulted in three losses (Wolfskins, Vikings and Universe). Do you think you have dispelled this home disadvantage through this match?”

Inga: “Who knows? We can always hope, but there are a lot of good teams out there, so don’t expect this performance every time. Tthe only thing we promise is that we will always do our best to entertain our home fans!”

Hertha: "That's all for now, and when the other second round matches have been played, Günther has promised to come with some predictons for the season. Until then, stay warm and healthy, fans!"

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by bghandras on 2017-01-15 12:15:17
I think Dietmar has a chance to match or even exceed hightowers cas count if he does all the blitzes, as hightower tends to MNG some games, and he is not always doing the blitzes. But i am pretty sure that Hightower will have a few games when his stat sheet will be flat out better than Dietmar's. Like the 4 cas performance in week1, when he flat out dominated.
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-01-16 09:45:42
Good write up about the game.