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Newsflash DLE: Star Quarterback and local hero Anders Hoffman injured - will not make the Grizzlies
Hoffman was seriously injured in today's Draw against the Marienburg Foxes. The Tageszeitung met the two Cascade quarterbacks just after the match to hear their comments on the situation. Here is what Our reporters said:

Hertha: The home crowd is going wild here after the late equalizer by TJ. There are Crimson everything everywhere. And here comes our two quarterbacks. "First off, Anders, what do you think about the game today?"

Anders Hoffman: "A fantastic game! This is what Blood Bowl is all about. Hard tackles, dangerous dodging, turnovers, failed passes, failed catches, chancy pick-ups, passes made in the interception zones, this game had it all! If I were a fan watching, I think I would have paid double for this match and still believe I had a good deal!"

Günther: "So you are not angry with the team's performance?"

Anders: "Not at all. Remember, we were only a stone's throw away from winning this match. By the way, if you were the fan throwing that stone at Jeremiah, please contact the Carroburg Trouts as soon as possible. Our local baseball team is in tatters and cannot afford to let a talent like that remains undeveloped! But seriously, I think the Foxes surprised us a bit. They were really coming at us harder than we had expected at the start. That move to Marienburg and the newcoach must have done them good! And you've got to respect players who attack like that! And before we had adjusted, four starting players were injured and out for the match." Anders grins: "and that's the situation when the team hunkers down for the fight, and simply won't let go. That's such a grat team spirit. You got to love that if you love anything about this game!"

Inga (cuts in): "And we finally got our equalizer, too! Well deserved, I think!"

Günther: "We certainly did!" He looks at Anders again, who's 6'3" frame is somewhat stooping. "Tell us about your injury, Anders. What happened?"

Anders: "I was in that mess of a fight around midfield, and when I saw Nicola pick up the ball, I had high hopes, but then she got tripped up and got injured, and I realised I had to go for the ball myself." He makes a dramatic pause, "...and then someone barreled into my back. I think it may have been Brandon Marshall. He hit me in the back just below the ribs, and the doctors says I have a pinched nerve. It hurts like Hell, and particularly when I'm pulling my arm back, so I can't throw the ball. But there seems to be nothing they can do, and it probably takes a couple of weeks, so I will not be playing the Grizzlies next week."

Hertha: #But you will go to Praag anyway?"

Anders: "Sure. Wouldn't miss it for the world! It's gonna be another great game! Grizzlies are looking to get revenge for our last Meeting, where we won and caused several injuries to their stars! They will be fighting hard, but so will we."

Hertha: "Does it worry the team that they will have to start with a rookie quarterback, Inga?"

Inga: "You know, the great thing about this team is we don't worry much. We are way ahead of our expectations for this season already, so anything good that we make happen now is a bonus."

Anders (adds): "And in today's game, I barely played half of the first half before I got injured, and the team played even better without me than with me!" He laughs. "And Inga showed her mettle in the second half. She'll be fine in Praag, I know!"

Inga: "Thanks for the kind words, Anders. I'll do my best, and then we will see where that brings the team!"

Hertha: "The fans gave you the MVP award, Anders! Do you think that was well deserved? After all, you only managed one fumbled pass before you had to leave the Field..."

Anders (laughs): "You know, personally, I think Dietmar was the great player today with his two cas, but fans are fans. You can never tell what they will do. I take it as their way of showing me they worry about my injury!"

Günther: "Thank you for your time. And to all the Cascade fans out there, it's now official: Cascade will be playing in Praag without their star quarterback. He will be there in the stands, though, to watch the game, and so should you!"

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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