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DLE – Glimmer of hope as CCC loses to divisional powerhouse
Todays homematch against the 3-1-0 Wolfskins was not expected to be a happy occasion for our home team. A disappointing 0-1-3 record for CCC so far, and with Ballard retired and Groth and Nelson injured, the remaining 14 crimson shirts had no business fighting the powerhouse that the Wolfskins has become this season. But the match was surprisingly dramatic, with sudden reverses and a sad death, but also gave us a glimmer of hope for the season. We turn to our reporters down at the “Pool”.

Hertha: “We are here with the two quarterbacks, and Anders, you were close when todays saddest moment happened. Tell us about it!”

Anders: “It’s kind of strange, you know. I was down there with Catharina, trying to hold off Clinton as Janine came blitzing. Clinton is a big man, you know, so we needed to be three. And then Janine came running, already wet with blood from having just killed Hunt, and smack, Portis went down. Janine piled upon him the way only she can, and Portis did not raise again. Not even the apo could get him back. Clean kill! I think I have never heard the Pool that silent. Only Janine was cheering and laughing crazily. We have a special bond to the Wolfskins, you know, so lots of our fans feel strongly about them, and to have Mr. Wolfskins himself lying there dead was a strong moment. On the other hand, just like Dietmar, he died with his boots on, and there is no better way for a true Blood Bowl afficionado to go.”

Günther: “Two kills by Janine aside, the result is not looking good, though, Anders. Another loss places you at the bottom of the league, together with the ailing Sharks.”

Anders: “True. But I feel that this was a much better match by us than the ones against the Rangers and the Vikings. We realized that with Groth and Nelson out, there was no realistic chance of us going toe-to-toe with a powerhouse like the Wolfskins. So the game plan we made up was simple. Any time we receive, we send TJ out for a one-turner. On defense we avoid contact, pick off stragglers and flank players and hope for a defensive mistake that we can exploit. And we stuck to the plan, and had two chances to get a draw, but it was not to be. So last round I was ashamed of our play, but tonight we will walk proud, despite the loss.”

Günther: “And the big break almost came in the second half. Explain, Anders!”

Anders: “Late in the 2nd half, at 2 TDs each, the Wolfskins leave the ball with Blackmon halfway between their own goal and midline. Unfortunately, for them that is, they have left a small gap between Mumbay and Richardson, so me and TJ slip through and TJ can block Blackmon with my help. He goes down stunned, and TJ grabs the ball. Unfortunately, Latimer slips when trying to dodge through, so TJ is not covered and Taylor can stun TJ and they recover the ball. It was close though, so if Latimer had managed the dodge (4+ with RR), I’m sure we could have gotten at least a draw, possibly a win. That’s how close we were…”

Hertha: “Inga, how do you as players experience the death of an opponent? Or a teammate?”

Inga: Shrugs “Sometimes it’s hard. Like with Dietmar and Nicky. And now with Clinton Portis. Players you know well and have a history with. But then again, you get kind of deadened after a while. If you care too much, you can’t go on, you know!”

Hertha: “Inga, your kid sister is doing much better up at St.Agnes Saints than you are at Crimson Cascade. She already has 5 completions and 3 TDs and even a casualty. What do you have to say to that?”

Inga: (blushes angrily) “Bah. Up there they are only playing baby football, and…” The rest of her sentence becomes incomprehensible as Anders big hand closes over her mouth.

Anders: “Uh… what she really means is that we are following the Saints closely, and we are very happy at the way those girls are progressing. Unleashing the full potential of both women and men will allow us to have more excellent Blood Bowl players in the future, and better yet, those girls dearly love the game! And who knows, when Inga here becomes old and grey, maybe we could get her almost two years younger kid sister to become the next quarterback at the CCC?” He emphasizes almost two years younger, as he releases a reluctant Inga who glares at him.

Günther: (hurriedly) “Inga, you predicted 16 point for CCC after the first two rounds. Do you still think your team can reach that?”

Inga: (grins) “Of course. We are not out of the game yet, and Wolfskins, Rangers and Vikings were expected to be the tougher opponents in this group. I’d say we are one or two points behind at this point, so it’s going to be tough, but we knew that when we started!

Hertha: “And with those words we leave the Pool for tonight. Next time, we meet in Praag for the first Grizzlies game of the season.”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-08-23 22:50:09
DLE would be different, much less entertaining, without Hertha amd Günther
Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-08-24 08:18:17
Thank you for the great write up, and homage to Clinton Portis. The man, the machine, will be deeply missed, but if he had to die, I guess it was fitting that it be against the team that taught us to punch, even if it was the alchoholic certifiably crazy Janine.

Art Monk is especially taking it badly, and has many times been caught, muttering in his sleep, "stamp on her face, no, kick her in the neck, no wait, jump and and down on her chest with the extra spiky boots, kill, killl..."

Looking forward to the next game ttor :-)