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DLE - Cascade loses wild card match, but goes down fighting!
Monte Castello is not the largest town in Tilea, but sports one hell of a Blood Bowl team. The Wreckers beat the Crimson shirts 1-0 in week 7 and could have won with more, but the Crimson shirts have developed a lot since then, and rediscovered their spirit, so hopes were present for a revenge, although maybe not very high hopes. Wreckers won, though, but the Crimson shirts put up a real fight and it took Wreckers the whole overtime before they managed to overcome the stiff resistance and score the winning TD. A loss, but the Cascade team can leave for home with their heads held high. Isn't that so, Hertha?

Hertha: “Absolutely. The team left most of the field to the celebrating Wreckers and their fans, and retreated into a corner after giving the winners their own greetings, but has been here talking to their fans ever since. I can spot Agrash Treeripper up there on the stands, the Troll Chieftain of the Painters*. He has been on every Cascade match since the start in season 2, and reputedly never paid for the ticket.”

Hertha: “We also have with us two of tonight’s heroes; quarterback Anders and our new star blitzer, Janine von Meyer!” She turns to the big quarterback. “Anders, tell us how it is to lose Cascade’s first playoff game!”

Anders: (laughs) “First off, I don’t look at this game as a loss. Everyone pitched in, everyone fought as best they could and everyone, except myself, followed the game plan. Can you ask for more than that?”

Günther: “So you take the blame for the loss on yourself?”

Anders: “Of course! The game plan coach Vatn sketched for us was simple. When they have the ball, they will try to protect it. That gives us a chance to pick on their fighters. Use that chance to select them, and get them out. We followed that to the letter in the first half, and managed a 2-2 draw at the start of the second. And that’s where it broke down. We started with the ball, and coach Vatn had told us to spread out and fight one-on-one, and I did the opposite. Pulled everyone in to protect the ball, and that gave them the chance to utilize their biggest strength, their guard skills. I realized as soon as I was under pressure that I had made a mistake but that was too late. We couldn’t get out of it, and finally lost the ball, although we fought hard enough to hinder their defensive TD. And even in overtime when they started with the ball my team never gave up. All credit to them for their fighting spirit and iron will!”

Günther: “And now it is building for next season. What do you think your chances are?”

Anders: “We will be there, and do our best, but we are struggling with getting new talent into the team since we used a lot of pick capital last draft to finish building the team. Thus, coach Vatn has said that at best we will manage to get into the wild-card spot. The SHC North will definitely be even harder next season. Wolfskins in particular will be extremely tough. Keep in mind, in the last 8 matches this season they only have one loss, against us. And the Grizzlies are getting harder as well. And then SHC East and KFC West are definitely not easy as well, containing Legion and Patriots respectively.”

Hertha: “That’s next season, guys. But here and now we need to celebrate, and I for one would like to hear from the newest Crimson shirt hero; Janine. One serious injury to Clowney, and no less than four KO’s. Are you aiming for Dietmar’s casualty figures?”

Janine: (somewhat unsteadily) “Bah. Dietmar wasj a wimp. A’m gonna do better. Musj better… “

Günther: “Statistics show that you are already better! In his first four games, Dietmar racked up 28 blocks, but no casualties. You have two casualties on your first four games, and used 33 blocks to get it. And you only recently learnt the Piling On skill, whereas Dietmar had it from the start! And you still lack Mighty Blow!”

Janine: (looks crosseyed and suspiciously at Günther). “So..Ah knew it!” She turns to Anders. “Ye ‘ear the man, Andersj mah luv. Ahm better… already!” She turns away and shambles back to the team, singing drunkenly.

Anders: (shrugs). “Too much to drink, but she’s a hardass on the field, as you may have discovered! Who can quarrel with that?”

Günher: (shudders) “Not me, for sure. But Anders, before we end this program, mention the three players you think contributed the most to this seasons success!”

Anders: “Oh, a trick question, right?” He looks at Günther. “Usually you guys are pretty quick with your evaluations, and now you want me to do the job?”

Hertha: “humour us, please! This is also your chance to give thanks to some of the players!”

Anders: “Of course, you know I will say that first and foremost it is a team effort. Still, the greatest player this season must have been Dietmar. 21 casualties in 12 matches and countless KO’s to go with that. That has got to make a great contribution to any team. Then of course Inga, both on and off the field. And the third must be TJ. He did 9 TD’s this season, and was on the field for only 44 turns. But I must also mention Cody. He might not be the most visible, and he almost never scores or causes casualties, but he is always there in the every thick of the action, using his Guard skill to support his teammates. The best trade we made before season 3. And then of course, the rookie of the year, Janine von Meyer…”

Günther: (cuts in laughingly) “Yes, yes, Anders! I think we stop there, before you have managed to mention every Cascade player this season. We will return later with our promised evaluation of the Cascade team for Season 3, and then we are starting to look forward to next season.”

Hertha: “See you then”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung

*Painters is the name of the fanclub of the Carroburg Crimson Cascade
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Posted by bghandras on 2017-06-07 21:04:54
Pats and Knights are from WEST. But otherwise great article and looking forward to the season evaluation.
Posted by ttorvatn on 2017-06-07 21:08:30
Thnkz, bghandras! Anders got it wrong, so we have corrected him. Hertha...
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-06-08 08:03:47
a bit long, but still a nice read.