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DLE - Evaluation of SHC after SoS-games
Günther: “We promised to get to the SHC as well. Hertha, would you like to start?”

Hertha: “Sure. The SHC North has only been a shadow of its earlier glory, but this season we thought there may be a comeback, as both Vikings and CCC did a good draft and trade phase. Thus, for starting tw, Vikings (1700), Grizzlies (1690) and CCC (1650) all were at the top half of the league, although Wolfskins was a bit behind with 1450. This also seemed a fair placement, except we believe the CCC will come before the Grizzlies in the end. So we assumed Vikings as divisional champs, then CCC, then Grizzlies and Wolfskins making up the last spot. We did not expect CCC to be in competition for the wild card spot, though.”

Günther: “Time has passed and two SoS games have been played by each team. What have surprised you, Hertha?”

Hertha: “it certainly has not been very successful SoS rounds for the SHC North. Vikings have been outplayed and outbashed by both Buccaneers and Rangers, suffering a staggering total of 14 casualties in two games, and losing four players. I am no longer certain that they will manage to win their division. With 0 points they are behind both the Grizzlies and the CCC, and they may not have the team to threaten them anymore. CCC has done well in the casualty department as usual, but two draws is not convincing, especially the last against the Bruisers. CCC needs to win those kind of matches if they want to win the division. Grizzlies also have problems converting their great strength advantage into wins, and the latest news from Praag is that Lazyskimmer steps back and a new coach will take over. Usually this means a weaker period as the new coach learns to get the best out of the team. Wolfskins did well with a win and a loss, but against easier opponents, and needs to up their game now. But they do have a good team and haven’t lost any players. All in all, original expectations have been changed. Now we think that the CCC may have a chance at winning the division. Vikings second with no chance for a wild card, Wolfskins third and Grizzlies fourth.”

Hertha: “And then, what do you make of the SHC East division, Günther?”

Gunther: “Ah. Here is another division where I need to tweak the starting tw list. According to that list, Greenskins is on top (1970), then Legion (1630), Rangers (1540) and Manticores (1510). I believe we will see the same development as last season, though, with a Rangers team heavy on takeout and bashing versus a more agile and lightfooted Legion. I think these two will continue to dominate the division, and hold Rangers just a tad ahead, since they have a more consistent and less luck-based approach. So, Rangers #1 and divisional winners, Legion number two just behind, and with one of the wild card spots of the SHC, then Greenskins and then Manticores.”

Hertha: “And have your opinion altered after the SoS games?”

Günther: “Not really. But one thing to notice is that all the teams in this division have done well. Rangers have really confirmed that they are one of the top two teams in the division as they played confidently as they put the White Wolves and the Vikings down. Impressive. But Legion also impressed, with 3 points against The Grizzlies and the Knights, matches were they scored four TDS and killed four opposing players! Even Manties, with a win against the rejuvenated Sharks, and Greenskins with 2 draws managed 2 points, so all the teams in this division are looking strong. I will stick to my predictions though, but Legion could easily prove me wrong by beating Rangers to the divisional title, and similarly, Manties could challenge Greenskins for the third place.”

Günther: “SHC South for you, Hertha!”

Hertha: “Indeed. Starting tw shows Buccaneers (1810), Avalanche (1660), Bruisers (1550) and Wreckers (1480). I am tempted to say that this also pretty much reflect how I expect it to go. Bucs reached Superbowl last season, and seems to have become even stronger. They will surely be the SHC premier team this season. Avalanche and Bruisers are quite similar in many ways, but Avalanche has a better developed team. Wreckers is a fresh team, and the coach has just started to get a grip on what they can do, but they need some development before they can be a play-off team. Thus, I put Bucs at the top of the division followed by Avalanche, Bruisers and Wreckers, but I also believe they will fight hard for the points in divisional games, so I do not expect a wild card team from this division this season.”

Günther: “And Bucs confirmed your predictions in the SoS games, right?”

Hertha: “They did indeed. They pushed White Wolves and Vikings aside with ease, and it looks like only the Rangers will have a chance to beat the Buccaneers for the Conference title this season. Bruisers and Avalanche both got two draws and is positioned neck to neck at places 18 and 19 on the league table, but Avalanche did so against slightly better opponents, and Bruisers lost some key players against the Crimson Cascade so placing Avalanche ahead of Bruisers looks even more likely. Wreckers was a surprise though, with two wins. Can they be a threat, or was it just that they were playing against less dangerous opponents? We will see. I stick to my prediction after the SoS games though, but with a small exclamation mark behind the Wreckers. It will be interesting to follow them to see what they can do.”

Hertha: “Final division is for you, Günther!”

Günther: “Yes. The SHC West has been a playing ground for the White Wolves for quite some time. For season 8, it looks like there might be a change. Knights had the highest starting tw (1900) followed by the White Wolves (1690), Sharks (1440) and Marauders (1290). I still believe in the White Wolves, though, but they will have a harder time than ever against a very strong and well established Knights team and two teams who have been considerably strengthened before start of season, both with new coaches and new players. Knights will be second, and possibly get the second wild card in the Conference. Then it seems as if Sharks could beat the Marauders this season, but it will probably be a fight worth watching.”

Hertha: “And the SoS games?”

Günther: “Well. White Wolves got into serious trouble against both the Bucs and the Rangers and that was somewhat surprising. Even more surprising was that Sharks lost both their matches. I had expected them to get at least some points, given that they were facing Wolfskins and Wreckers. Knights and Marauders both got two draws, which is a reasonable score, but not great. Both Knights and White Wolves have lost players, and are now at the same tw level. I still believe White Wolves will carry this off, even though Knights are two points ahead at the moment. I’m a little less sure about Sharks being able to beat the Marauders for 3rd place, but feel that it is still the right guess.”

Hertha: “Right. So for SHC we predict Crimson Cascade, Rangers, Buccaneers and White Wolves as divisional winners, and with Legion and Knights grabbing the wild card spots. But remember, teams, you have the power to go out there and smash our predictions to smithereens. You only need the will and some help from NUFFLE!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by bghandras on 2019-08-11 21:47:53
Well, reasonable, but i think there will be bigger turnover among the playoff teams. I think some of the following (upsets) will happen:
- Greenskins making playoffs
- Wreckers making a push
- Whitewolves having problem making playoffs
- Vikings not even in the playoff hunt.
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-08-11 22:15:53
Good stuff.
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-08-11 22:46:30
Agree - Cascade for play off!