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2018-01-18 05:36:42
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DLE - New awards
The Dietmar Althoff Foundation for promotion of more Mayhem in DLE is proud to announce its two new awards!

The Dietmar Althoff Medal will in Season 5 be awarded to any player who kills or forces into retirement players of at least 60k value in a single match through blocking.

The Van Kassel Medal will in Season 5 be awarded to any player who kills or forces into retirement players of at least 60k value in a single match through fouling.

Both Medals is to have 4 Levels.
Bronze Level is given for players of at least 60k value.
Silver Level is given for players of at least 100k value.
Gold Level is given for players of at least 140k value.
Platinum Level is given for players of at least 200k value.

Each player can only receive one medal of each type in a single season. If a player qualify for a second medal of the same type, he or she will in addition receive the following extra distinctions:
- First repetition: Crossed maces
- Second repetition: Crossed swords
- Third repetition: Crossed lances
- Fourth repetition: Crossed halberds
- Fifth repetition: Juniper twigs
- Sixth repetition: Oak twigs
- Seventh repetition: Laurel wraith

The Foundation will send the medals and distinctions to the player by dragonrider mail. If by any chance, the Foundation has not sent a medal or distinction to the player within two weeks, the player can send relevant documentation to the Foundation to prove eligibility. Any claims will be evaulated by the Foundation and upon finding in favour of the claimant, the correct medal or distinction will be sent with apologies.

However, the Foundation recognizes that it is not its job to promote destruction of the weaker teams in the League. Thus, no Medals or distinctions will be awarded for killing or retiring players from teams that start the match with less than 1200TV, nor from teams who have the Maximum level of inducements in their game.

To entice further action on behalf of players, the Foundation will regularly publish a list of award winners.

The following players have already earned their Medals:

Dietmar Althoff Silver Medal:
Big George Coghill, Legion

Dietmar Althoff Bronze Medal:
Reggie Mathis, Classics
Jimmy Nails, Bruisers
Chance Warmack, Razorbacks
Cody Latimer, Crimson Cascade

Van Kassel Bronze Medal:
Brass van Houten, Razorbacks

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Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-01-18 08:32:47
Oh man! What effort and work! Really appreciated!
Posted by ttorvatn on 2018-01-18 08:36:52
And very fitting that Brass van Houten should be the first player to receive the van Kassel Bronze Medal!
Posted by Meanandugl on 2018-01-18 09:34:21