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DLE - Cascade secures a draw against #2 Buccaneers
Todays match at the Pool was fought tooth and nail and headbutts and everything else imaginable, but Crimson Cascade finally managed to hold the #2 ranked Buccaneers to a draw, after a grave Buccaneers mistake in the end of the second half left them with ball possession deep in Cascade territory, but no one to score the deciding touchdown. Our reporters are down there at the field with our two quarterbacks. What do they say, Hertha?

Hertha: (flanked by a somewhat disgruntled Inga and a grinning Anders) “We have witnessed a hard battle here tonight, where strength and mighty blow has been stopped by guards and fend. It was almost like two rams butting horns until one gave up, which didn’t happen in this game. No TD’s, no completions and even surprisingly few casualties in this match. Is this going to be the tune for the rest of the season, Anders?”

Anders: “I’m afraid it may be so. On the other hand, that is also in the best spirit of Blood Bowl, is it not?”

Günther: “But with one point in two matches, would you say that the Cascade can handle this kind of matches? The team is only ranked 23 out of the 32 teams…”

Anders: (grins even wider) “I leave it to my back-up to discuss rankings and ratings.” He slaps Inga’s shoulder. “To me, the important thing is this; Blood Bowl is about heart and soul. This is what we do, and when you love the game like I do, playing it is the important thing. Cascade is in the league, we are playing the best, and those not quite as good, and every time I’m on the field, it’s about enjoying myself and give my very best. If that’s enough to win, that’s fine. If not, I’m happy with a loss or a draw, as long as I know that every man and woman under my leadership did their very best!”

Günther: (sighs, and turns to Inga) “Well, Inga. The ball is in your court. Give us an assessment of Cascade’s chances this season.”

Inga: (A weary Inga sighs)“Geez, it was tough out there today. And it will certainly not become easier.” She seems to be thinking for a while. “About our chances, that’s hard to say. I think like this: We have one point right now, after the two first matches, and that was about what we could hope for. Then there are 5 teams we hope that we can beat. Grizzlies for two matches, Greenskins, Rangers, Classics and Thunderbolts. Let us say that against these teams, we lose 3 points. That gives us nine more points. Then we have Vikings for two matches, Manticores and Griffins. We think that if we get out with a draw in average for these four matches, we are doing well. That adds another four points. The remaining teams, Wolfskins for two, Patriots and Legion, I think are way above our current level. At best we can hope to save another draw or two, or perhaps a very lucky win. This adds two more points for a total of 16. That is the number that coach Vatn has promised the board.” She hesitates. “And last season he was exactly on the mark with 20 points promised and gained.”

Günther: “But 16 points will not be enough for play-offs, will it?”

Inga: (shrugs) “Not in a competitive division like ours. Vikings and Wolfskins will fight for the divisional title, and the loser will likely get one of the wildcard spots.”

Hertha: “But you must surely be satisfied with a draw against the #2 rated team?”

Inga: “Satisfied and satisfied. I guess I’m never satisfied unless we win, but holding off the Buccaneers was an accomplishment for sure.” She finally breaks into a smile.

Anders: (interrupts) “You know, we should add that it was great to see the fighting spirit of the team today. Without flinching, everyone played with their heart tonight and stood up to anyone coming for them, whether they were big guys like Friedrich, Chabal and Nathanson or real scary killer blitzers like Blanda and Spikes. I just love that kind of guts! Even if it didn’t bring us many touchdowns. But Catharina was close today though.”

Günther: “So what do this team need in order to be competitive in the coming seasons?”

Inga: (frowns) “I think coach Vatn has covered this already, but more agile catchers is a number one priority. More strength would be nice as well.”

Günther: "Predictions have your coach rated #12 and your team ratings at #23, and predicts a 16th place for your team. What do you think about that?"

Inga: "I saw that work, and the ratings seem pretty accurate for our part. Of course, we may suprise many, including ourselves and do better, but it may also go the other way, particularly if we lose more key players."

Hertha: "One thing, Anders. TJ didn't get a chance to score today. Why not?"

Anders: "That's easy to answer..." (he laughs) "In the first half, we didn't employ him because we received the ball. And as for the second half, we held him back for a last desperate quick score if the Buccaneers went for the grind and stall. Since both halves ended scoreless, he never got on the field. Neither did Cotchery for the Buccaneers, and I guess that was for the same reasons."

Hertha: “Will we see presentations of the new players, Inga? The way you did last season?”

Inga: “For sure. As soon as I can get around to it!”

Hertha: “Nice. And with that, we will have to end this report. We look forward to next match, and hopefully we will see the first Cascade TD of the season there!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung

Presentations of new Cascade players will be found in the World of DLE thread.
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-07-13 10:22:54
Talking yourself out of the playoff run? To get the enemys guard down?
Posted by bghandras on 2017-07-13 14:09:15
I dont think either that Cascade will make the playoffs. But i expect them to be a really difficult opponent and hard to beat.
Posted by ben_awesome on 2017-07-13 14:26:49
lulling into a false sense of security...
Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-07-13 21:56:59
Nice read Hertha and Günther. Talking down your chances and up the Wolfskins despite beating us twice last season? I have something to live up to then :-)