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DLE - Cascade back on track!
Cascade seems to be back on track after winning the snowball match in Wolfenburg. The victory over the Wolfskins tonight was the third consecutive victory for the Crimson shirts and they are now on par with their divisional rivals the Vikings with 5 weeks to go. Our reporters were there, of course, and you have two happy players there with you, Hertha?

Hertha: “Indeed. It is only minutes since Hoffman ran in the third TD of the evening with only half a minute left on the clock to make the end score 3-1 to the Cascade. We battled our way down here on the snow-covered field to meet with Inga and Dietmar, and it sure is cold down here!”

Günther: “It is indeed. It is fortunately rare to have a complete match played in blizzard conditions, but this snowstorm has lasted three days now and shows no sign of abating. I heard marketing people in the Wolfenburg franchise considered postponing the match, but both teams’ players, as well as all the fans, were against, and finally it was decided to play the match as advertised.”

Hertha: “So, Inga. Another MVP to you, and tell us, how is it to play under such conditions?”

Inga: “It’s a real tough challenge, you know. It’s awfully hard for us quarterbacks to see the players out there. Your range of vision is less than 20 feet, and the wind is unpredictable and will affect your throw. And, of course, the ball is slippery and so is the field. Not to mention, the cold gets to your fingers pretty quickly, even through the gloves. In just a couple of minutes your fine muscle control is shot to pieces. The only good thing is, it’s the same for both teams.” She seems to mull that over. “Actually, our crimson and bright green is far easier to see from a distance than the green and grey of the Wolfskins. Makes my catchers stand out, but it’s really hard to see those ghostlike Wolfskins until they are right there in your face or intercepting the ball!”

Günther: “But you added another two completions tonight, and it seemed like Anders was in more trouble than you?”

Inga: “Guess so. But Anders was trying more difficult throws than I was. And Latimer is not at his best as a catcher anymore either, so in the end there, Anders just decided to grab the ball and run with it himself.”

Hertha: “You seem to have been transformed lately, Inga. Since the Grizzlies match, you seem more aggressive than ever, and play like a demon possessed; throwing blocks and running around and screaming at everyone. What has happened?”

Inga: “I think you can safely say that I suddenly found new inspiration before the Grizzlies match. I think I was perhaps a bit out of it after Nicky’s death, but I’m back now, and better than ever!” She grins.

Günther: (directed to the tall, grim blitzer beside Inga) “And you got your 18th cas tonight, Dietmar! Is there no end to the mayhem you will make this season?”

Dietmar: “Hopefully not. That’s my job, you know! And of course, Manfred and I didn’t show Sean and Olivier ALL our tricks. So we had something in reserve, and Sean got served one of those Dietmar specials!”

Hertha: “You have 5 matches left, what’s your goal for the season?”

Dietmar: “Five? Oh, you mean ordinary season without play-offs…” He grins. “My goal is 25 cas. That’s one for each remaining match, plus one for each of our play-off games.”

Hertha: “But this season has been hard on the killers. Last week, both Dont’a Hightower and Mychal Kendricks was killed. Are you never afraid it’s going to happen to you?”

Dietmar: “Afraid? Why should I be afraid? That’s the way we want to end our career. I only hope that when it’s finally my turn, I will be conscious long enough to be able to appreciate the hit or foul that finally got me.”

Günther: “And with this victory and the draw between Vikings and Eagles, Cascade are now on par with your archrivals. Does that mean your team is back on track, Inga?”

Inga: (wrinkles her nose) “I sure hope so. Coach Vatn says we need 20 points to advance to the play-offs. We have 14 now, and his gameplan is to win against the Scimitars, Grizzlies and 49ers. If we do that, we can even afford to lose against the Razorbacks and Vikings, but for sure we do not exactly PLAN to do so! On the other hand, Blood Bowl is a game of surprises. You never know for sure what’s gonna happen when you get out there…”

Hertha: “We also hear that you have plans for the after-game?”

Inga: Grins widely. “We sure have. Sean and Olivier has promised to take both teams out for a real bash at a pub nearby. And I think Manfred and Rannveig has brought with them our gift to the Wolfskins, some real Norse rotgut, rumored to involve turpentine directly from the production line of the Carroburg works. You see, we have a nice relationship with the Wolfskins. On the field, we are bitter rivals, but as soon as we leave the field, there is no team we work better with than the Wolfenburg heroes!”

Dietmar: “Not to forget the mysterious and charming Mr. Ladarius Green” murmurs Dietmar, completely ignoring the frenetic stamping of Inga’s foot on his instep.

Hertha: (blandly overlooking Inga’s reddening face) “We wish you well then, Inga! And the rest of the team.” Inga and Dietmar leaves the reporters. ”So dear viewer, as you can hear from our back-up quarterback, you need to be there in the home match against the Scimitars. Inga has promised another win to a resurgent Cascade team on the roll…”

Günther: (teeth clattering) “And then we need to say goodbye for now and get back into the warmth of the clubhouse before it’s too late. See you in Carroburg!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung.

PS: The interested DLE reader can find a clue to Inga’s transformation in Blitz, issue #8 

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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-04-11 18:42:47
Loosing to Razorbacks. Sweet music in my ears... ;)
Posted by bghandras on 2017-04-11 19:58:28
What? Backup QB attracted to puss in boots?
Posted by ttorvatn on 2017-04-12 02:49:08
Chill out. Inga is still young, and it's just Dietmar having fun teasing her. We know who she likes, and it's definitely not a Wolfskin blitzer... Manfred Sternberg
Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-04-12 11:49:05
Mmmmm.. Ladarius :-)

Glad to hear that someone got something out of that game! You proper trounced the Wolfskins in that one, and owned the series this season. But...we'll get you next time, now that we've learned the 'kick-them-in-the-knees' trick.
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-04-12 12:12:11
And we also know who likes Inga, as you may remember from Bucs press conference:

Dunkelhelm:"... Please send Inga hugs and kisses from Friedrich, and tell her, tell her ....". Dunkelhelm blushes and falls silent, embarrassed, ...
Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-04-12 15:09:18
Well maybe the reason she likes Manfred is that he is skilled in stripping...
Posted by spelledaren on 2017-04-12 21:27:43
Yeah, back in style!

We're happy to have gotten a victory over Razorbacks, so we're still gunning for first place. Not impossible that it will come down to the next to last game of the season when we are scheduled against Cascade again. Looking forward to it!