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Group managers: misterlonestar

Introducing Secret League CRUNCH!
With inter-regional viewership flagging the bigwigs at CabalVision have created a new league which is destined to be a sure-fire hit. The league promises to double-down on the most lucrative aspects of the game known as Bloodbowl; international star players, and carnage.

You are a warden with a dubious moral compass who has been approached by CabalVision to gather a squad of your most hardened inmates who would be willing to risk death for the chance to earn glory and freedom. Can you rise to the challenge in the promise of riches and glory?
League Overview
Secret League CRUNCH is a gladiator style league in which prisoners play for their freedom.

32 select Secret League rosters with AV 7 or less are available with no duplicates allowed. Access to positionals will be limited (check Team Creation section) with the only way off these teams being death. (no retiring of injured players)

There is one exception to this rule. The star player from the team that wins the Spiked Ball Cup and the annual MVP will earn their freedom and earn a spot as a star player in the league going forward.

League Tenants
  1. Matches are played in Euro time zones – roughly 15:00 to 23:00 BBtime.
  2. Positonal player limitations, including Big Guys. (Check TEAM CREATION section)
  3. Custom rules (check RULES section) including no inducements from petty cash and no player retirements!
  4. Teams will require sufficient fluff to represent your squad of hardened criminals.

SLC is Recruiting!
Early on we will always be recruiting as teams can be added in between Tri’s. Eventually the group will be capped before divisional play becomes too difficult. If you are interested in playing, send a PM to the league administration (misterlonestar), to determine which teams are available.

After PM communication with the league administration, make sure to create a team for this league following the team creation guidelines found on the group main page.
League Rules
Group RestrictionsTeams are to be made using the Secret League CRUNCH ruleset with special provisions found in the TEAM CREATION section. Teams require sufficient fluff to represent your squad of hardened criminals, which is up to the judgment of the league admins. This includes unique, proper team and player names, a team logo, overall in the SLC and traditional Blood Bowl spirit. In case you need help with your bio ask for help, someone will be there to help you out. The league will provide a bio template, that will help coaches not good with bb code.
League ScoringWin=+10, Tie=+5, Loss=0, Casualty Given=+2, Casualty Received=+1 (fans love blood), Concede or Forfeit=-10
NO Player RetirementsBackbone of this brutal league. Fans pay to see blood on the pitch and the only way out for these criminals is death!
NO ConcessionsCowardice is a punishable offense! Teams lose 10 points in the scoring and a second offense will result in a team ban.
NO TimeoutsIn the SLC we do not time each other out. If you feel that a coach is excessively slow, please report it to the league commissioner.
IncentivesNo inducements from petty cash
Star PlayersOnly SLC approved Star Players will be available for inducement (see Freedom Rewards below). Star Players in SLC do not always recover from injuries incurred in games, and as such, stat decreases sometimes become a permanent part of their stat line. When they die, they will not return.
Freedom RewardsFreedom Rewards are given to those special players who have overcome all odds to rise to the top of the brutal SLC. The players retire with honor and are free in every sense of the word but most cannot resist the call of the pitch and thus hire themselves out as Star Players. What this means is that the selected player must be retired from the team before the start of the next Run. This player will then be healed, given an extra ability as reward for their service, and put into the pool of Star Players available for inducement. Custom icons will be made for each and help in this regard will be welcome.
Starting TreasuryStarting treasury will be set to 800,000 gold. CabalVision refuses to front these squads strapped for gold, actual quote "they're criminals, how expensive can be?"
Squig RosterPiling On replaced with Claw
Secret WeaponsAll secret weapons get die roll before banning. These criminals know how to hide a shiv.
Piling OnPiling on does not stack with any skills that modify armour or injury rolls. Piling on may only be used to reroll the armour roll.
Right StuffRight Stuff cancels Tackle skill on blocks. CabalVision wants stunties to be viable in this league 'cause there is nothing more entertaining than angry, criminal, stunties!
Fouling +1Uninterfered fouls add +1 on the armour roll.CabalVision wants to bring back the boot!
Sneaky GitPlayers with the Sneaky Git skill lend assists to fouls in tackle zones. Sent off sneaky git players are sent into the KO box, instead of being banned.These are criminals, they are expert sneaky gits!
SchedulingCoaches should schedule their games via PM. In case of problems your group admin should be invited to resolve issues. When a game is scheduled via PM please use the scheduler on your teams page.CabalVision has ad spots to fill!
ExtensionsIf you and your opponent are unable to play before the deadline, you may request a up to 3 day extension. To request an extension, invite me (misterlonestar) into your PM thread between you and your opponent, and suggest a new time. If you haven't done enough to schedule your game, you risk being docked points in the current Tri.CabalVision viewers should not be cheated out of their money, they pay their coins to see matches played and blood spilled!
Group Time ZoneThis is a European time zone league. All coaches are expected to be able to play during 1500-2300 server time (GMT+1) but provided both parties agree any time may be scheduled. Only game offers with reasonable times will be taken into account for forfeit decisions.

Annual Schedule
The SLC schedule is divided in five phases, including a pre-season period plus 4 Runs.

Preseason will comprise of a 3 round Swiss tournament matching teams of roughly equivalent strength in each round.

1st - 3rd Run – Carousel of Carnage
The heart of the CRUNCH season is the Carousel of Carnage involving divsional and inter-dvisional play. The 1st and 3rd Runs is a divisional Round Robin with the 2nd Run being a inter-divisional Round Robin. The last place finisher of each run in each Division will be subject to Culling of the Weak in which the most damaged player from the last place team will be fed to the Trolls. (retired) The Carousel of Carnage will not offer any freedom rewards but will count towards seeding in the Spiked Ball Massacre.

4th Run – Spiked Ball Massacre
The 4th Run and culmination of the SLC year is a dual bracket knock-out tournament with the top bracket playing for the Championship and the Spiked Ball Cup and the lower bracket playing for the Bloody Boot and the chance to retire any one player. All games in this tournament will be played using the spiked ball.

Annual Stats
Annual stats will be tracked here.

Star Player List
Available stars will be tracked here.
Star PlayerIconAvailable TeamsPriceMASTAGAVSkills
Legiron LiferAll120k4737Ball & Chain, Loner, Mighty Blow, No Hands, Secret Weapon
Birdsnot of AlkatrazAll120k6146Leap, Dodge, Loner, Right Stuff, Side Step, Stunty, Titchy
Tom Two-FingerAll140k6328Chainsaw, Loner, Stand Firm

SL Crunch Team Creation Rules
  1. Choose a race from the available race list below. RED races are unavailable.
  2. 800,000 starting treasury.
  3. Positional Player Limits:
    Non-Stunty teams limited to 4 positional players total and no more than 2 of any one type.
    Stunty teams limited to 5 positional players total with no limitations to type.

  4. USE THIS LINK to create your team.
  5. Fluff your team to represent your squad of hardened criminals. This includes unique, proper team and player names, a team logo, overall in the SLC and traditional Blood Bowl spirit. In case you need help with your bio ask for help, someone will be there to help you out. The league will provide a bio template, that will help coaches not good with bb code.
  6. Use this link to PM misterlonestar with your completed team for an invitation. (fluff can come later)