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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
Night Goblin
For Cusi
News & Views
Letter from the Editor
by G.G. Gobberson
G.G. Gobberson welcomes you to this new version of the Grotty Little Newspaper
Ulthuan Invitational
by G.G. Gobberson
An exclusive interview with Kryten, Winner of the Ulthuan Invitational VI
Ulthuan Invitational Stats
by MadTias
MadTias gives us the lowdown on who's won what with his Major Tourney Statistics
Grotty Little Tournament
by G.G. Gobberson
The inside scoop on this years Grotty Little Tournament!
Sleeper In Metropolis
by I.R. Cherry
An interview with the man behind FUMBBL's most played team
by Calthor
What is it about these people (women generally) that makes the crowd go mad?
Team Tactics
by Calthor
A look at one of the new teams coming to FUMBBL
by PurpleChest
Stars: we think we know them, but do we?
Dwarf Tactics
by morehouse
Dwarves? Tactics? Do tell more of this nonsense
Admin corner
by Christer
Informing you of the work behind the scenes on FUMBBL
by Stunty McSmackerson
An interview with the new boss of stunty
Coaches Couch
by PurpleChest
Six coaches are found on the couch to be interrogated about [B]
An interview with Kalimar
by Gromrilram
Who is the man behind the new FFB client?
Group/Tournament Reports
by Impaladan
Blood Bowl Sevens is back and as strong as ever
by ex-convict
The league for American College Blood Bowl
by SeraphimRed
A league for all you football fans out there
Star Wars
by krytie
Ohhhh, a group about Star Wars?
by James_Probert
WIBBL eh? I wonder what that stands for
by pizzamogul
Elves? Leaving the Forest? That can't be right!
A Grotty Little Challenge
GLN info
How to contribute
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