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2020-08-17 17:54:03
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2020-02-26 04:54:58
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2020-02-25 17:53:07
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2020-02-22 18:18:59
rating 4.8
2020-02-22 17:32:27
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2020-02-19 18:01:17
rating 5.8
2020-02-18 21:21:00
rating 5.9


2019-12-29 14:51:03
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2019-12-08 03:14:34
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2019-10-23 18:17:17
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2019-09-30 19:39:21
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2019-02-28 16:21:11
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2019-02-16 05:05:46
rating 1.8
2019-02-12 20:33:16
rating 1.7
2019-02-07 08:57:24
rating 1.3
2019-02-06 17:07:28
rating 2.6
2019-01-05 20:10:51
rating 5.6



2017-12-13 15:36:46
rating 5
2017-10-15 02:50:34
rating 4.3
2017-09-30 21:52:56
rating 5
2017-09-10 23:00:16
rating 4.9
2017-08-30 19:29:39
rating 6
2017-06-25 21:10:09
rating 5.4
2017-02-14 20:41:13
rating 4.6
2017-02-09 04:15:51
rating 4.3
2017-02-01 16:35:03
rating 3.5
2017-01-09 06:48:33
rating 5.8
2017-01-03 22:26:31
rating 2.8


2016-10-26 16:39:39
rating 5.9
2016-10-06 01:38:35
rating 5.5
2016-07-02 01:18:38
rating 4.3
2016-06-28 18:54:58
rating 3.5
2016-01-28 08:12:39
rating 4.6
2016-01-27 18:15:53
rating 6


2015-08-22 17:42:52
rating 2.4
2015-01-26 16:45:18
rating 5


2014-10-01 03:51:24
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2014-03-12 19:49:16
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2014-02-27 02:15:42
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2013-10-24 16:16:38
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2013-10-10 00:50:25
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2013-09-12 20:11:38
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2013-05-16 21:39:45
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2013-02-10 21:10:12
rating 4
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2012-10-30 21:01:49
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2012-10-18 17:10:07
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2012-01-09 00:47:16
rating 2.8


2011-12-09 19:37:22
rating 3.3
2011-11-09 17:54:17
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2011-11-05 20:10:25
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2011-11-04 16:39:57
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2011-11-03 05:19:08
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2011-09-21 09:08:03
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2011-08-14 14:51:08
rating 3.8
2020-08-17 18:08:41
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NBFL Draft Grades: AFCN vs NFCE
Welcome to the
NBFL Season XXV Draft Grade Roundtable!
Part 2: AFC North vs NFC East

I asked several NBFL and other coaches to go over the recent NBFL draft and give grades to the teams. I asked them to focus on value and fit, with survivability as a tertiary concern. I also got former NBFL Commissioner Jeffro to do color commentary. (There were places I had to tone down the color to make it FUMBBL-appropriate.) The teams covered first two parts will largely play each other, as will those in the second two parts.


AFC North
Races: Chaos Chosen, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs.
Series 1: NFC East. Series 2: AFC West.
GPA: 3.00

Smaltimore Bedaines
Dwarf, thoralf.
Last Season: 3-3-8.
Assets: a fast Runner (as dorfs go), a Blitzer, two good Blockers. 2 Super Stars.
Needs: Something sexy besides just a fairly fast Runner.
Draft Capital: #13, #45
Draft Picks:
#13 Shawn Robinson [TCU], Runner with +AG, Strong Arm, Accurate, Safe Throw, 69 SPP.
#45 Eleanorton Darkstone [PEP], Lineman with Dodge, +AV, [skill].
GPA: 3.400
ex-convict: B
A throwing-runner could be a useful tool if used correctly, especially with their already fast-runner on the roster. Getting an annoying roadblock dwarf blocker in the 2nd round was good value.
Bullroarer4: A+
Uber: B+
Runner with all the skills to get the passing game going? Yes please. Not sure I like the lino that much, I'd rather get dodge on a blitzer I think.
Amon242: B
Developing a new Dwarf tactic - cage the catcher for 7 turns then throw it into the cage and score on turn 8. Dodge/AV lottery ticket solid pick.
Jeffro: 69 SPP is cute and all... will be quite clever on his gravestone week 3.

Pittsburgh Steelcurs
Orc, Kzarik.
Last Season: 5-6-3, in Minnesota.
Assets: Decent Blitzers, Troll, some okay Black Orcs, Blodge Thrower. 2 Super Stars.
Needs: Black Orc, possibly a good Lineman, Goblin, or statty Thrower.
Draft Capital: #18, #49.
Draft Picks:
#18 HGN II [NAVY], Goblin with +AG, Block, 23 SPP.
#49 Andrei “the Brick” Romerez [UTEP], Black Orc Blocker with Block, Guard, 29 SPP.
GPA: 3.400
ex-convict: B
Pitt spurned taking a better BoB in the first round, but still got a quality one deep in the second round, which was excellent. Instead, they selected a goblin, and while I'm not a fan of the little buggers, this is the ideal build for one.
Bullroarer4: A
I cheer for these picks. The great weakness of a dwarf squad, especially in the big leagues, is the two turn score late in a game or securing the ball in the iron cage against fast team. This player lets this happen regularly and reliably. the other pick supports an already well developed line. These picks scratch an itch to coach dwarves once again.
Uber: B+
If you're gonna use a goblin, +ag and block is a great starting point. Having the full four block/guard black orcs is a solid place to be and both players can get a 3rd skill fairly quickly.
Amon242: B+
Goblin pick is all in to win and will present a late game threat which will change teams approach. Black Orc is CAS or MVP away from next skill so great value.
Jeffro: Methinks Kzarik hath too much faith in Navy.

Cincinnati Hydras
Dark Elf, rodney_dangerfield.
Last Season: 7-4-3, 0-1 playoffs.
Assets: A bunch of guard, a bunch of stats spread thin. 1 wounded Super Star.
Needs: Not much star power, as above.
Draft Capital: #23, #54.
Draft Picks:
#23 Alushe the Mayan Elf [POLI], Witch Elf with Block, Dauntless, Tackle, [skill], 54 SPP.
#54 Leroy Sausage [UTEP], Lineman with Block, Dauntless, [skill], 34 SPP.
GPA: 2.500
ex-convict: B
I love dauntless on witch elves, and the [skill] roll could be make a solid pick even better. Getting a lineman with both daunt and [skill] in the 2nd was excellent value as well, in a division where those skills will be very useful.
Bullroarer4: C-
I generally dislike dauntless on a Witch as well as block. The better witches i have used prioritized a wrestle, leap, mighty blow method for consistency and threat. These picks ride better in a blitzer choice. The lineman choice lacks the critical triumvirate of Block-dodge-Sidestep in a positioning game required for good elf play.
Uber: C+
My personal experience with dauntless is that it always fails at critical moments. However, given the division they play in, it might be a necessary evil for these guys.
Amon242: B
Two lottery tickets, and two Dauntless as well. Its not a terrible thing with so many stat freaks in the leauge, plus can't go wrong with a name like Leroy Sausage.
Jeffro: Leroy Sausage gets voted best name in the draft this year by "Dead Players Illustrated"

Cleaved Land Bedlam
Chaos Chosen, captainmalkor.
Last Season: 6-5-3, 1-1 playoffs.
Assets: two good healthy Warriors plus a third with a manageable injury, decent Minotaur, good carrier, good +AG sweeper. 2 Super Stars.
Needs: Beastman, Warrior. Needs cogs and bashers.
Draft Capital: #24, #55.
Draft Picks:
#30: Na’il Diggs [OHIO], Beastman with Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Juggernaut, 51 SPP.
#55: Benjamin Razor [O], Beastman with Wrestle, Side Step, Dodge, 44 SPP.
#62: Tevin Paul [CAL], Warrior with +AG, Sure Hands, Block, Break Tackle.
GPA: 2.700
ex-convict: A-
Trading down for an extra pick was smart, as this is still a young team that needs further development. Their first two selections are very functional players that will help the defense, while they also added my personal favorite college player of all time with the second to last pick. He isn't a perfect fit (unless he rolls +ST *fingers crossed*) as a warrior, who's 11 spps away from adding much needed guard.
Bullroarer4: B-
Trading down for an extra pick was smart, as this is still a young team that needs further development. What wasn't was the warrior they picked up. AG and break tackle spend 70k and two skill slots on a 20k two heads slot (which is a better choice if you feel the need for one that does the balling thing). More sure hands in of itself isn't bad, but with the desired killer, cut the grass method of play for chaos chosen, an AG beastman is the better player for that pick or just go with another solid beastman utility or cog player, not a chosen warrior.
Uber: C-
I think getting a third pick was a good move, but really the warrior should have been prioritized and picked differently. Beastmen choices have a lot more depth, so plan accordingly.
Amon242: B-
Should have been an A but then go and take a +AG Chaos Warrior with Sure Hands. Beastmen are solid. I can only speculate that Cpt got a look at the new rules for Break Tackle before making this pick.
Jeffro: Tevin Paul is the SOTD.

NFC East
Races: Daemons of Khorne, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves.
Series 1: AFC North. Series 2: NFC South.
GPA: 2.819

Phull-o-s’elfia Egos
High Elf, Arcayn.
Last Season: 2-2-10.
Assets: franchise Thrower, decent Blitzers, some project Linemen. 2 Super-Stars.
Needs: Catchers.
Draft Capital: #2, #32.
Draft Picks:
#2: Paris Campbell [BRO], Catcher with Block, +AG, +MA, Leap, 60 SPP.
#32: Jack Jewsbury [StL], Catcher with Block, Dodge, [skill], 32 SPP.
GPA: 3.075
Relezite: B
Not glamorous for a 2nd pick but Paris Campbell was what the team needed, a scoring threat with a short run to 76 spp and dodge. I like this more than the +ST options. Jack Jewsbury cashed in big time on his roll, but pretending it was a normal I like Luke Bater a little more here.
Uber: B
I might be cheating a bit, but with the other catcher also rolling +AG on his skill roll, how can you not like these picks? This team is all about agility. Will it be enough to start winning games consistently? Tune in next season to find out!
JackassRampant: B
Campbell is a fine player, but you’d expect at least that much with the #2 overall pick. Jewsbury at #32 is kind of blah as a pick, but he did roll +AG, so at least it worked out okay.
ex-convict: B+
Similar to mrt's draft with the Jortles in that both teams desperately needed to retool their catcher corps, the Egos double-dipped at the position. They get a slightly lower score but a good grade regardless, since there was more value getting similar players at the end of the rounds.
Jeffro: Leap equals death. 2 wins & 2 ties seems replicable.

New York Kroaks NEW!
Slann, ex-convict.
Last Season: 4-3-7 (with Daemons of Khorne).
Assets: None.
Needs: Everything.
Draft Capital: C1.1, C2.4, C3.4, #7, #39.
Draft Picks:
C1.1 J. Morris [NE], Lineman with +AG, Block, Dodge, Guard, 57 SPP.
C2.4 Bob Kuechenberg [MIA], Lineman with +AG, Dodge, 29 SPP.
C3.4 Borick Smashim [ND] [GB], Blitzer with Dodge, Tackle, Strip Ball, Wrestle, Frenzy, 134 SPP.
#16 Bushwacker [IVCC], Blitzer with +AG, Block, 22 SPP.
#39 Lute Baker [O], Catcher with Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball, 44 SPP.
#47 Travis Brown [UNM], Blitzer with Block, Tackle, 26 SPP.
GPA: 3.400
Relezite: B+
Theoretically a rookie slann team wants two things out of their first draft: skill depth and +ag to develop. Realizing he could get both Ex pulled off a fruitful trade down to pick up one extra tackle blitzer. Comp draft had some difficult choices, second round I might have taken Boomer Esiason over a project lineman.
Uber: A-
Another team banking big on agility. Four of those picks will level pretty quickly, which should be a big help to this new team. Seems like they would have loved a block/guard krox, but that was taken under their nose.
JackassRampant: B+
I like this trade, I think both parties won. The Kroaks picked up some core skills to help them compete right away, and still got a fair bit of AG4, which is always nice for Slann. They lack for star power, which is why this grade isn’t an A.
ex-convict: B+
The NY(N) front office has shown affinity for trading down, doing so once this draft for an extra pick. Overall, they went for a long-term build, taking some foundational skills on players that they can further develop. But they will likely have trouble in the opening weeks of the season, and that can certainly snowball if things go poorly.
Jeffro: TLDR.

Dallas Crowbar
Dwarf, OTS.
Last Season: 4-3-7.
Assets: two good Runners, two good Blitzers (one softened up), a decent Slayer, some fair Blockers. 3 Super Stars.
Needs: Blocker, Slayer, maybe an exceptional Blitzer.
Draft Capital: #8, #38.
Draft Picks:
#8: Derrick Washington II [MISS], Blocker with +MA, +MA, +AG, +AG, 51 SPP.
#38: Biaggio Ali-Walsh [CAL], Blocker with Diving Tackle, [skill], 16 SPP.
GPA: 2.900
Relezite: C
Well I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing (see: Chris Harrison). But Eric Kettani II with just +ST strikes me as better futures investing for the team. I do like the late pick up of diving tackle.
Uber: B+
I am simply appalled that +2 MA, +2 AG is wasted on a dwarf. 6 3 4 9 is such an unimpressive number for a player with 4 stats increase. Doing what dwarves do best: preventing others from having nice things.
JackassRampant: A
Washington is a +MA +AG Tackle Blitzer who doesn’t take a Blitzer slot. That’s incredible, even if he loses one potential skill in the process. Ali-Walsh was about the best potential Dwarf Blocker available.
ex-convict: C+
I mean...maybe? I halk-joked that the dwarves wouldn't be a bad spot for the quad-stat lino draftee (since it starts with block and tackle) a few hours before OTS actually made it happen, but that's a huge price on a player to essentially become another blitzer. Adding some diving tackle in the second round was a good call, however, with two elves and a frog team in the division.
Jeffro: Okay, Kyle. You did it. You got smart. You outsmarted everyone. But you know what you can write down in that big bad book of grudges?... that dorfs still stink like foot cheese.

Witchington Paleskins
Dark Elf, Garcangel.
Last Season: 6-6-2, 1-1 playoffs.
Assets: one great Witch Elf and one good one, three hard-hitting Blitzers, okay Runners, one good Lineman. 2 Super Stars.
Needs: Blitzer, maybe another Guard.
Draft Capital: #26, #57.
Draft Picks:
#19 Swiss Chedda [UW], Witch Elf with Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, +MA, 59 SPP.
#57 Froma Crypt [NEV], Blitzer with Tackle, MB, PO, 33 SPP.
GPA: 1.900
Relezite: C+
Piling on is a dead skill to me in this ruleset. Feels like there might have been a better combo than this by taking the MB blitzer first and a core skill witch elf second but I dont know how to value +ma on witch elves.
Uber: B
Two good positionals for a team that already seems quite successful. All these MA increase could be problematic for slower teams. Gotta love the full four blitzers with MB.
JackassRampant: C+
This grade goes to a B if the team actually uses Piling On. Swiss Chedda is kinda unimpressive in this draft: all that maneuvering to move up 10 places in the first round at no cost was brilliant, but the output was nothing special. Froma Crypt could be a great spearhead for a deadly Blitzer corps, but only if used aggressively.
ex-convict: F
How much time do I have? Look, I love you Garc. Trading down from 26 to 29 to gain a pick was awesome. Then using that extra pick to trade back up to 19 was masterful. A++ stuff. But then you replaced a block/sidestep/tackle 50 spp witch elf (you know, one spp away from a possible double or stat) with a block/SS/diving tackle/+MA 59 spp witch elf, which at best is a marginally better player, when you still had a double-permed blitzer on the roster to replace. I understand that you really wanted guard again on the blitzer, and that most of the candidates had MB (which you have plenty of)...but striving to add +MA on the witch when it's already a skill that you already had four copies of on the team just isn't the move. And yes, you picked up a blitzer in the second round as a replacement, but he has T/MB/PO. So this is an important lesson in Opportunity Costs, and after masterfully maneuvering the draft board to create surplus value...it was all thrown away to make the team maaaybe slightly better.
Jeffro: I find no fault, nor will I ever with Garcangel's picks as they are efficient and a model for all who aspire for style combined with greatness.
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