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2020-02-19 18:01:17
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2020-02-18 21:21:00
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2019-12-29 14:51:03
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2019-02-16 05:05:46
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2019-02-12 20:33:16
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2019-02-06 17:07:28
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2019-01-05 20:10:51
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2017-12-13 15:36:46
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2017-10-15 02:50:34
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2017-09-30 21:52:56
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2017-09-10 23:00:16
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2017-08-30 19:29:39
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2017-06-25 21:10:09
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2017-02-14 20:41:13
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2017-02-09 04:15:51
rating 4.3
2017-02-01 16:35:03
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2017-01-09 06:48:33
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2017-01-03 22:26:31
rating 2.8


2016-10-26 16:39:39
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2016-10-06 01:38:35
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2016-07-02 01:18:38
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2015-08-22 17:42:52
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2014-10-01 03:51:24
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2011-08-14 14:51:08
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2020-08-17 18:43:44
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NBFL Draft Grades: AFCS vs NFCW
Welcome to the
NBFL Season XXV Draft Grade Roundtable!
Part 4: AFC South vs NFC West

I asked several NBFL and other coaches to go over the recent NBFL draft and give grades to the teams. I asked them to focus on value and fit, with survivability as a tertiary concern. I also got former NBFL Commissioner Jeffro to do color commentary. (There were places I had to tone down the color to make it FUMBBL-appropriate.) The teams covered first two parts play each other, as will those in these two parts.


AFC South
Races: High Elves, Lizardmen, Norse, Nurgle.
Series 1: NFC West. Series 2: AFC East.
GPA: 3.500

Titannesse Kraken’s
Nurgle, GotrekSlayer
Last Season: 3-6-5
Assets: Two good Bloaters and one coming along, four good Pestigors. 5 Super Stars.
Needs: Rotspawn, Bloater.
Draft Capital: #9, #41.
Draft Picks:
#9: Johnson [MSU], Bloater with Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, 56 SPP.
#41: Cleaver Ferrel [CLEM], Rotspawn with Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm, [skill], 52 SPP.
GPA: 3.500
ex-convict: B
The Krakens debated whether they wanted a great Big and ok Bloater, vs an ok Big and a great Bloater with their first round pick. They opted for the latter, taking a four-skill Bloater with the ninth selection. In the second, they opted for a short term fix for their Rotspawn, hoping to score big with the [skill] roll.
Bullroarer4: A-
Looking at the roster, a good bloater pick was right on the money. Their big is what most Nurg players could only dream of, save picking Pro along the way. The solid Rotspawn pick will be a good addition to the bloater line.
Uber: B+
Adding two guard pieces definitely will help this team, you just need to get lucky and get block on the Rotspawn now.
Amon242: A
Exactly what the Nurgs needed - right players in the right spot.
Jeffro: Got needs... still playing Nurgle, so...

Icelandic Dolts NEW!!!
Norse, Asteflix.
Last Season: 2-6-5 (with Vampires)
Assets: None.
Needs: Everything.
Draft Capital: #10, #40, C1.3, C2.2, C3.2.
Draft Picks:
C1.3 Dwight Stephenson [MIA], Ulfwere with Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm, [skill], 91 SPP.
C2.2 Kevin Gruesom [PAIN] [DAL], Blitzer with Mighty Blow, Tackle, Stand Firm, Guard, 54 SPP.
C3.2 Navarro “Thurman” Bowman [NO] [SF], Blitzer with Dodge, Guard, 24 SPP.
#10 Lawless [MSU], Runner with +AG, [skill], 16 SPP.
#40 MD the Annihilator II [NAVY], Snow Troll with Block, Mighty Blow, 18 SPP.
GPA: 3.425
ex-convict: A-
The Dolts struck gold with several of their picks, getting a very functional Ulfen-whatever and Blitzer with the first two expansion draft selections. In the main draft, they were able to get a key +AG on a runner, and got the perfect snow troll late in the 2nd. A good start, to say the least.
Bullroarer4: A-
I will mimic another contributer and agree with his assessment. Getting a very functional Ulfewerner and Blitzer with the first two expansion draft selections was a good start. In the main draft, they were able to get a key +AG on a runner, and got the perfect snow troll late in the 2nd. A good start, to say the least.
Uber: B+
I think this team got some solid picks, but it will be very difficult for the to beat their division rivals. I wonder if strength over agility would have been better for the catcher.
Amon242: A
AG+ Runner plus lottery ticket, and a Block/MB Yethee are exactly what the team needed.
Jeffro: Aste continues his goal of finding ways to fail where others have succeeded. All draft picks are solid, but will not matter as lady luck farts in his face 14 consecutive games.

Houston Treants NEW!!!
Wood Elf, Bazakastine.
Last Season: 5-2-7 (with Lizardmen)
Assets: None.
Needs: Everything.
Draft Capital: #11, #42, C1.4, C2.1, C3.1.
Draft Picks:
C1.4 Malcolm “Mr.” Smith [OAK], Catcher with Guard, +AG, Tackle, Leap, 51 SPP.
C2.1 Khorey Kholeman [CLE], Wardancer with Mighty Blow, Tackle, Frenzy, Stand Firm, Juggernaut, 80 SPP.
C3.1 Mar’Khus Khromartie [CLE], Lineman with Guard, Block, 21 SPP.
#11 Stan Jones [MD], Wardancer with Side Step, +ST, 19 SPP.
#42 Ryan Conroy III [NAVY], Lineman with Block, Guard, 16 SPP.
GPA: 3.175
ex-convict: B
The Treants were a bit unlucky, as they didn't have many stat-freak options to turn into devastating Wardancers. They still had a solid draft, getting three guard players, a few stats, and a functional multi-skill wardancer.
Bullroarer4: B
They had a solid draft, getting three guard players, a few stats, and a functional striker wardancer. While not what i would consider a threat team, they have the potential to build into a solid squad in later seasons.
Uber: A-
This new team should get rolling pretty quickly. The wardancer and catcher will be causing problems from game 1 and these Elves have more guards than some strength teams already.
Amon242: B
Can't pass a +ST Wardancer, but I'm not crazy about the lineman as he will have to hustle to get Dodge.
Jeffro: I feel, again, like not enough attention was paid to what Baz had available to him. Not hamstrung enough for a starter team and I blame everyone but myself.

Jakesonville Jortles
High Elf, mrt1212.
Last Season: 8-4-2, 1-1 playoffs.
Assets: A couple decent role-players, a good passer, a freak catcher, and what’s left of J. Rob Morgan. 4 Super Stars, 1 badly maimed Legend.
Needs: Two Blitzers, some Guard, a Thrower.
Draft Capital: #28, #60.
Draft Picks:
Malik Harrison [BRO], Catcher with Tackle, +MA, Mighty Blow, Wrestle, 51 SPP.
Aaron “The Puller” Fuller [UDUB], Catcher with Wrestle, Leap, Strip Ball, 37 SPP.
GPA: 3.900
ex-convict: A+
Somehow, despite picking 28th overall in both rounds, the Jortles may have ended up with the best draft in the league. They lost two very good catchers late last season, and they got two excellent replacements in the draft, giving them the defensive tools they would have lacked otherwise.
Bullroarer4: A+
Some good picks here. A pair of sweeper catchers rounds out the squad.
Uber: B+
With two incoming av7 team in their division, adding two blitzer type catchers should yield good returns.
Amon242: A-
Unconventional OTT ready Catcher and and sacker on a very defensive oriented draft for the Jortles.
Jeffro: Oh the shoes either of these players have to try and fill in order to replace the GAPING HOLE left by Rhys Lloyd... impossible task. Jortles might never recover.

NFC West
Races: Chaos Chosen, High Elves, Necromantic, Nurgle.
Series 1: NFC South. Series 2: AFC North.
GPA: 3.063

San Foulcisco 69’ers
Necromantic, Nicodemus1.
Last Season: 6-0-8.
Assets: one great Werewolf, one good Wight, one good Ghoul, a bunch of other stuff that used to be good but is now badly battered. Both Golems are -MA! 1 Legend.
Needs: Werewolf, Wight, Golem, other Golem, maybe a Ghoul.
Draft Capital: #12, #43.
Draft Picks:
#12 Brat Worst [UW], Werewolf with +ST, Block, Sure Hands, Sprint, 66 SPP.
#43 AJ Woodard [CONN], Zombie with Wrestle, Dirty Player [Skill], 38 SPP.
GPA: 2.500
Relezite: B
Brat Worst has 2, soon to be 3 (with sure feet I assume) 'sub par' wolf skills, but combined with the high movement and +ST, I think it makes a dangerously steady and threatening ball carrier. Also, AJ Woodard finally has a home!
Uber: C+
These necros can now field a whooping 7 players with ST4. That's bound to cause issues for their opponents. The new zombie does little for them though, would have looked to replace the younger injured golem instead.
JackassRampant: B
Brat Worst is a good baller Werewolf, I guess, and with King Kaep makes for a pair of +ST Weres. Woodard is an okay player too, but nothing that jumps out at you as a genius pick or something.
ex-convict: C-
Mmmm. While the werewolf that San Fran took at #12 is fine (and very much in line with the Teresa build), the fact remains that the 69'ers return to their old home with a beat up roster, including four different positionals with perms. If there was ever a time to cut the dead weight, trade down, and retool the roster around an absolute stud (the holdover wolf), this was it. But it looks like the front office wants nothing to do with a rebuild, and will continue to stay aggressive.
Jeffro: Nico should not be allowed Dirty Players. I have filed a formal complaint.

Hot Arizona Sticky
Nurgle, Amon242.
Last Season: 5-4-5.
Assets: three good Bloaters, good carrier Pestigor, hitter Pestigor, and some decent Rotters including what’s left of Davie Goldberg. 4 Super Stars.
Needs: Rotspawn, Bloater, Pestigor.
Draft Capital: #15, #46.
Draft Picks:
#22 Ryan Namaqua [MIAMI], Pestigor with Wrestle, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dodge, 52 SPP.
#46 Angus “the Viking” Svenson [UTEP], Bloater with Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, 42 SPP.
#53 Patrick Mekari [CAL], Rotspawn with Guard, Grab, Stand Firm, 44 SPP.
GPA: 3.6
Relezite: B-
Very solid core picks in the pestigor and bloater here, score only brought down by a rotspawn pick that I think I might have just taken the rookie roll on instead.
Uber: A-
Trading down to get the extra pick and filling each position quite nicely will do a lot for them. Only one double among the skill rolls, but these are fully functional players that can contribute right away.
JackassRampant: A
This team traded down and got everything it needed. Mekari is free money. The Arizona/Atlatl trade strongly favored Arizona, if you ask me.
ex-convict: A
Perhaps the best draft in the league, the front office wisely traded down from #15 to claim an extra pick, and eventually hit on their three biggest needs: a pestigor, a bloater, and then a functional big. The pesti provides a sacker compliment to the holdover hitter-style pesti, the bloater is close to a fourth skill, and the rotspawn will be a roadblock and perhaps get lucky at his upcoming skill roll (and came from a very nice school). Excellent job overall.

Los Angeles Glams
High Elf, Stimme.
Last Season: 7-4-3, 1-1 playoffs.
Assets: Two good Blitzers, even if Blas de Lezo is niggled, three statty Catchers plus whatever you call Des Troy Hill, a couple good Linemen. 2 Super Stars, 1 Legend.
Needs: Thrower, Linemen.
Draft Capital: #25, #56.
Draft Picks:
#25 Paul Poundstone [UTEP], Thrower with Block, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow, Dodge, 65 SPP.
#56 Dargud Mashanstash [FSU], Lineman with Block, [skill], 16 SPP.
GPA: 3.150
Relezite: B
At his position, these are good picks. Thrower fills in the backline well on offense of defense, and a block [skill] lineman is just a leveled up rookie roll.
Uber: B+
I would have been tempted to take by Jack Devlin as my thrower, but I'm from Apojar's school of always be throwing. Poundstone will however be a versatile asset on both offense and defense. I might be looking to add a kicker, which could still happen here.
JackassRampant: B+
Poundstone is a great defensive Thrower, though they need a new baller Thrower and he ain’t it. Mashanstash is fine, I guess, but Stimme didn’t seem to put much thought into the selection.
ex-convict: B
The Glams do things a little differently, but no one should question their methods at this point. A running, hitting thrower fits with the style of offense that LA plays, and taking a lino with a [skill] roll late in the draft is always a good move.
Jeffro: Stimme thinks he is going to be able to give Poundstone the Fumblerooski skill....

C’attle C’haos
Chaos Chosen, MenonaLoco.
Last Season: 10-4-0, 2-1 playoffs (conference champion).
Assets: Minotaur, 4 good Warriors, a nice all-around corps of Beastmen, with some gaps. 5 Super Stars, 2 Legends.
Needs: the best Beastman available. A good sweeper would be nice.
Draft Capital: #30, #62.
Draft Picks:
#24 Sam Gallahan [HOWL], Beastman with Block, Tackle, +MA, Dodge, 66 SPP.
GPA: 3.00
Relezite: B+
Sure, yeah. It's not like they NEED anything. Trading up is smart, and grabbing something flexible is good for keeping the team healthy.
Uber: B-
I like getting the extra mobility, even if it required giving a pick away to lock it. Lots of MA8 threats in the division, so that will help.
JackassRampant: B-
Gallahan is a very Robo-style Beastman, but he’ll fit in here too, I supose: his skill profile is okay for a sweeper, but this team should be doing most of its heavy-hitting witht the heavy hitters. The 62nd pick could have been a Sure Hands Beastman in the event of Strip
ex-convict: B+
The Super Bowl runner-ups made a trade-up to add a very nice mobile safety to their roster, and speed is something that a Chaos roster could always use. The fit on the roster is perfect, and they didn't need much else, so they get a good grade on this one.
Jeffro: Poop du jour! There has never been a successful player named Sam in the history of the world.
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Posted by stowelly on 2020-08-17 20:11:46
We probably need some more of these!
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2020-08-18 23:58:53
Jeffro's comments are golden. :-D