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NBFL Draft Grades: AFCE vs NFCN
Welcome to the
NBFL Season XXV Draft Grade Roundtable!
Part 3: AFC East vs NFC North

I asked several NBFL and other coaches to go over the recent NBFL draft and give grades to the teams. I asked them to focus on value and fit, with survivability as a tertiary concern. I also got former NBFL Commissioner Jeffro to do color commentary. (There were places I had to tone down the color to make it FUMBBL-appropriate.) The teams covered first two parts play each other, as will those in these two parts.


AFC East
Races: Chaos Chosen, Daemons of Khorne, Orcs, Skaven.
Series 1: NFC North. Series 2: AFC South.
GPA: 3.250

Buffaelo Khills
Daemons of Khorne, Jeffro.
Last Season: 2-3-9.
Assets: Bloodthirster, four Bloodletters, three decent Pit Fighters. 4 Super Stars.
Needs: Two Heralds, maybe a Pit Fighter.
Draft Capital: #5, #36.
Draft Picks:
#5 Mylon Brown [VAMP], Pit Fighter with +ST, Guard, 16 SPP.
#36 Wes Camp II [MISS], Pit Fighter with Guard, Mighty Blow, 18 SPP.
GPA: 3.250
ex-convict: B
Really could have used a new Herald, but the value wasn't there. Instead, he ended up taking two very useful lineman that both have a stat and/or doubles, though they will need protecting on the way to block at 31 spps.
Bullroarer4: A-
Being able to present mass guard for a frenzy team will enable much better surfing and stalling tactics than their poor record from last season would suggest. I agree that block should be prioritized as a follow up skill pick.
Uber: B
Jeffro has quietly given himself the ability to field 10 guards, which I guess opens things up for his frenzied squad.
Amon242: C+
This team needed Heralds, but went the other way and took linos instead. I like the +ST Pitter, but he is a long way from Block and will be a target when he is on the pitch with no Block. The other Pitter will progress faster with MB but again, without Block will have to be babysat. Needed a Herald.
Jeffro: Rumors in the locker room that the head coach was drooling over pictures of Joseph Broadnax Jr. and planning a barbeque for Mark'em might end up leading to the mid-season murder of someone... no names needed.

Miami Coronablights
Skaven, Relezite.
Last Season: 5-5-4 as the Chicago Coronablights.
Assets: Freaky Blitzer, two very mobile Gutter Runners, one decent Lineman. 3 Super Stars.
Needs: Blitzer, OTS specialist, maybe a sweeper or cog linerat.
Draft Capital: #17, #48.
Draft Picks:
#17 Sewo Olonilua [TCU], Gutter Runner with Block, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, 75 SPP.
#48 Tristram “Blue-Winged Teal” Night, Lineman. Dodge, Wrestle, Tackle, 35 SPP.
GPA: 3.35
ex-convict: B+
Watched and waited as a perfect OTS-style gutter fell to them at #17, who is one spp away from another skill. In the 2nd round, they took a three skill lino with a double, so he's a little expensive for a linerat.
Bullroarer4: B-
The selection of a OTS gutter is the player that rounded out the offensive strike potential in the gutter squad. the choice of a heavily skilled linerat without guard (the only double worth considering for a linerat IMO) dings this choice. With the gutter squad and agility blitzer already selected, more dodge would not help sufficiently.
Uber: A-
The one turn scorer slides in perfectly in this team. With them having very few skilled linerats, I guess one with wrodge tackle can serve a purpose.
Amon242: A-
Got the natural OTT and a nice sacker with M access can grow to be quite a pain. The issue will be keeping everyone alive which is always the case for Skaven, but these are players that can add wins.
Jeffro: Was nobody paying attention to what Rel had available to him?! I feel like there is a conspiracy afoot...

New York Wrecks
Chaos Chosen, Robocoyote.
Last Season: 7-5-2, 4-0 playoffs (league champion)
Assets: good Warriors, lots of Blodge including Broadway Joe and a ST5 Beastman. 2 Legends, 3 Super Stars.
Needs: MOAR BLODGE, Minotaur.
Draft Capital: #31, #63.
Draft Picks:
#31 Tahj “The Smart Guy” Mowry [PEP], Beastman with Dodge, [skill], [skill], 34 SPP.
#63 Casey “Mr. Irrelevant” Turner [CLEM], Beastman with Block, Tackle, 26 SPP.
GPA: 3.425
ex-convict: B
They finally won the Super Bowl, so anything that happens in the future is just icing on the cake! At worst, they added two functional players who have, or are close to, three skills; at best, they have three skill rolls (after a MVP) to get try and get lucky with.
Bullroarer4: A
With the pick order listed, getting a pair of players within one game of skilling is as best as could be expected in any draft. With a superbowl win, drafting the next year almost guarantees poor draft picks. Possible trading the pair of picks for a higher rated first pick could have been a more useful choice.
Uber: B-
The champs add serviceable guys to their lineup. Nothing too exciting, but they already got big stars to lean on. Bonus points for getting a good Mr. Irrelevant though.
Amon242: A
At #31 pick get two lottery tickets on beastman plus a double, at #63 get a MVP away from Blk/Tackle/Skill. Great value at those positions. Maybe something is broken with the positional categories? Beastman are everything?
Jeffro: Mr. Irrelevant will be right at home sitting on the bench next to a coach that probably wouldn't give [expletive] if he lost every game this coming season, as he has the monkey off his back.

Noo Squigland Punchdrunx
Orc, JackassRampant.
Last Season: 9-1-4, 0-1 playoffs in season 21 (in Denver.) Coach last season 5-4-5 (with Humans).
Assets: good Blitzers, good BOBs, passing Thrower for late drives, a few good Linemen. 3 Legends, 3 Super Stars.
Needs: Lineman, possibly a Troll, Goblin, or carrier Thrower.
Draft Capital: #58.
Draft Picks:
#58 B. Bigelow [CAL], Lineman with Diving Tackle, Side Step, Sure Feet, 35 SPP.
GPA: 2.075
ex-convict: C
An interesting, albeit expensive lineman was the best Noo Squiland could hope for so late in the draft. I suppose I am grateful that someone finally took my old skink graduate, however.
Bullroarer4: D
While i didn't see the draft board at the time, this pick does virtually nothing for the usual play style of Orcs. I would have looked for a two skill draft pick with a pair of rolls or virtually any big choice with a double. (Editor’s note: the good bigs and two-roll guys were all long gone, and the only alternative was a Dirty Player, [skill] lineman with 25 SPP.)
Uber: C+
JR has a plan and you cannot fault him for that. This amounts to three doubles on a lineman. I assume he has given away his other pick for future consideration/bribes.
Amon242: B
Drafted an akward Orc lineman who just kinda hangs around you and won't let you go away, good value and could be a very annoying piece if he lives.
Jeffro: No squigs on this team is the travesty... not the fact that JR is back to his crutch orcs.

NFC North
Races: Chaos Dwarfs, Old World Alliance, Simyin, Slann.
Series 1: AFC East. Series 2: NFC West.
GPA: 2.794

Mangledsota Many-MenNEW!
Old World Alliance, Lorebass.
Last Season: 2-5-7 (in San Francisco, with Underworld).
Assets: None.
Needs: Everything.
Draft Capital: C1.2, C2.3, C3.3, #4, #35.
Draft Picks:
C1.2 Brandone “ArKh o’ Da Khovenant” Burlesworth [CLE], Ogre with +ST, Block, Break Tackle, Dodge, 60 SPP.
C2.3 Mike “Longhorn” McMahon [DAL], Dwarf Runner with Block, Dodge, Accurate, Side Step, 51 SPP.
C3.3 Kh’Justin Kh’Timberwood [BU] [CLE], Lineman with Wrestle, Kick, Fend, 31 SPP.
#4: Kamari “Ain’t So” Pleasant [UDUB], Catcher with Nerves of Steel, Juggernaut, +AG, Block, 72 SPP.
#35: Scott Lawless [FSU], Blitzer with Dodge, Sure Hands, Side Step, Tackle, 64 SPP.
GPA: 2.175
Relezite: C+
Did somebody say halfling hopeful Derrick Washington II? No? Well that's a fine ogre. I guess the catcher pick was a set up to connect with the thrower he got in the comp draft, but i'd rather have a superhero blitzer.
Uber: B-
I'm not a fan of Kamari as a human catcher who lacks the strength to make use of Juggernaut. Decent amount of blodge from the start, at least their division is not the most brutal one, so maybe they can build up on the guard dwarves and dodgy humans.
JackassRampant: C
I don’t see it. Brandone Burlesworth, I see that. That’s hard to miss. The other picks are all rather lame. Accurate but no Pass, on a Loner, means either a wasted or desperation skill or a project play, neither of which is all that desirable. Lawless and McMahon, plus a Human Thrower, is too many cooks, not to mention the lack of hitting power that may drag this team down.
ex-convict: C-
I don't really know how to grade this brand-new roster, but something tells me that this draft class missed the mark. The +ST/blodge/BT ogre is cool, but doesn't fulfill his usual roadblock job (no guard and/or SF). The dwarf runner is ok, but accurate might be a dead skill (and they could roster a human thrower to pass). I don't know what to think about the catcher, and while I realize that the options were limited in the second round, a blodgestep/tackle/surehands build for a human blitzer (where you only get one with this roster) isn't ideal: he likely needs to be your mobile hitter/safety type.
Jeffro: Remnants of Khleveland combined with a sniped pick of what should have been my one turn score threat for this season will give Lorebass a shallow confidence that shatters early and often as he realizes that Purple and Yellow is a cursed color combination.

Green Baynana Grabbers
Simyin, Happygrue.
Last Season: 4-7-3.
Assets: 4 good Gorillas, one of which is damaged, one solid Chimp and another excellent but damaged one, decent Orangutan. 4 Super Stars.
Needs: Silverback, maybe a new Gorilla.
Draft Capital: #16, #47.
Draft Picks:
#7 Joseph Broadnax Jr. [TCU], Silverback with Block, +ST, Guard [skill], 73 SPP.
GPA: 3.900
Relezite: A+
How? Happy goes from crossing his fingers he gets the last stray block big guy to getting one of the best one board and filling a huge gap in his team. Best draft this season in only one pick.
Uber: A+
I really like the go big or go home approach that was taken here. With the extra skill and so close to a 5th roll, Broadnax Jr. is gonna be a solid fixture for this team. I think the injuries are manageable for this division. I assume there aren't big guys like this every year.
JackassRampant: A-
Broadnax on this team presents a terrifying front… but with -AV on Devon Still and Davante Adams, they’re even more of a glass cannon than most Simyin teams. If Broadnax can take pressure off of them, that’s great, but you know how Wild Animals are. Still, for a perpetual contender, a player like this is an awesome draft steal.
ex-convict: B+
A team that has been a playoff but not championship contender so far (albeit they've only actually lost four games in two seasons; crazy), the Grabbers saw their window of opportunity closing and went all in by trading up from 16 to 7 for perhaps the best big in NCBB history: the Broadnax. While not the frenzied, clawed monstrosity that he was at TCU, 'Nax will be a huge roadblock and take pressure off of the gorillas, and this was an awesome move by the front office.
Jeffro: It is written in the annals of some book somewhere... bound in human flesh... that Joseph Broadnax will be eaten by Mark'Em For Hunt, shat out the next morning, then wiped on the coach of Buffaelo to remind him who is the most feared in the league.

Shytown Leapers
Slann, Tzalaran.
Last Season: 5-5-4.
Assets: Kroxigor, great but damaged Blitzer, two decent Blitzers, a few good Linemen but they’re in bad shape. 1 Super Star (the great but damaged Blitzer).
Needs: Blitzer, Catcher, maybe a good lineman.
Draft Capital: #20, #50.
Draft Picks:
#29: Jack Devlin [O], Catcher with Accurate, Sure Hands, Strong Arm, +MA, 62 SPP.
#50: HaWt CahRL L’lehr [CLEM], Lineman with Guard, +MA, 20 SPP.
#61: C.J. Spiker [CLEM], Catcher, Clemson. Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, 46 SPP.
GPA: 3.175
Relezite: C+
Multiple sure hands picks, I would rather have a core skill blitzer, but I dont believe much in the power of slann catchers. Still, a thrower is a rare option on a slann team and I love adding dimension to rosters.
Uber: A
Smart move to get another pick and maximize value. The trade down basically costed nothing, grabbed a valuable guard linemen and got a second very decent catcher with the extra pick at the very end.
JackassRampant: B-
I feel like the Blitzer was the missing piece, but all the best Blitzer candidates were taken by the time the 29th pick came around: they should have stood pat. However, they did get good players and filled real holes on the team.
ex-convict: A-
Shytown has three perms on good to great players, so replacing them was an option. Instead, the front office is making a push to be competitive in their new division, trading down but picking up three quality players to round out the roster with. Getting a faster guard lino was good, and snagging a passing catcher and a running catcher was excellent, especially considering that the team had two rookie catchers otherwise.
Jeffro: Speaking of ... HAWT CAHRL!!! Who's origins are from Mighty MIHN'ee'SOH'tah... (then killed and raised). He will be the unsung gem of the draft and could cornerstone a franchise. Or he'll die week one and be raised by some other team and nobody will give a [expletive].

Destroit Lynels
Chaos Dwarfs, dashergeaux.
Last Season: 10-3-1, 1-1 playoffs.
Assets: Good Bulls, four solid Chaos Dwarf Blockers and a fifth that’s damaged, a fair Hobgoblin squad. 2 Super Stars, 1 Legend.
Needs: Chaos Dwarf, maybe a baller Hobgoblin or a second Chaos Dwarf, if the value is there.
Draft Capital: #29, #61.
Draft Picks:
#26: Stefan McClure [CAL], Hobgoblin with Catch, Side Step, +AG, 47 SPP.
GPA: 1.925
Relezite: B-
With the dwarves being fine at 1 skill roll, what else was he going to do? Still, what a project this pick is! Dasher seems to love his side stepping hobbers.
Uber: C+
Not sure if the trade up for McClure was even needed, but he was the last +AG on the board at least. The team should be fine without getting another dwarf blocker, but it wasn't an efficient draft performance by any means.
JackassRampant: C-
Stefan McClure is not going to last long, nor will he get good mileage out of his skill set. Sorry. I could be wrong, but while I think +AG at 26 is good value, they could have had good stuff with their original picks, in a quality Dwarf at #29 and a decent Hobgoblin (Block, Side Step, Sure Hands) at #61.
ex-convict: D
To be fair, the Lynels did not need a lot, as they return the core of the roster that made it to the NFC title game. They did have two blockers with a perm to possibly replace, but instead of waiting to see how the board played out and see what offers popped up, they traded their 2nd round pick to move up from 29, all the way to...26th...when the draft was still in the top 10 picks or so. So instead of waiting and pouncing on an offer to move up for a specific player, they "moved up" early and found little in the ways of blockers waiting for them, and settled on a very fine prospect from a respectable school. But he's still a hobgoblin, though he may get a shot at crunch-time glory eventually this season.
Jeffro: Phbbt... you know you can't throw him, right?

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